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Novus electric bikes are now available for pre-order

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We know this is a long process, but do you remember CES 2019?That's when The German company Novus first introduced its breathtakingly unique carbon-fiber electric bike design.That is also the best place to get to the company's target market, as bikes are not easily classified as "electric scooters" or "electric bikes".If you want one, it will also cost a lot of money, which is the first thing most people comment on.

How much does it cost?When Justin first told you in January 2019, Novus said it would bring in a staggering $39,500 for customers.Now that Novus is actually pre-ordering in the second half of 2020, it turns out there are a few factors that can affect price considerations.One is whether you are in the European Union and whether you have to pay VAT on the goods you buy.The other is that you choose Novus colors because two of the five available colors incur additional costs.

Novus electric bikes are now available for pre-order

Choose crystal white, Royal Blue or magma red, and you'll pay €46,284 ($55,653) including VAT, or €39,900 ($47,423) without VAT.Meanwhile, if you opt for the higher-priced Bond-Villainier color of Horizon silver or solar pink gold, the price rises to 47,402 euros ($56,340) with VAT and 40,864 euros ($48,569) without VAT.If you've already spent that much money, how many times more will it take to get the paint you really want?In addition to what you know, you can also spend a few hours buying gear/accessories, or use piston bikes randomly from Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji.

You can't miss Novus's main claim on design: a carbon-fiber hardshell frame, which the designers also use to hide everything, including the rear shock absorbers, to keep the look as clean and tidy as possible.Because all the components, including the wheels, are made of carbon fiber, they weigh only 75 kilograms, or just over 165 pounds.

The hub-mounted electric motor is of 18kW and is capable of producing 200 Nm(147.51 ft-lbs), Novus said.The maximum speed is 120 KMH, or about 74.5 MPH.Nowhere in the sales literature does it really talk about batteries - capacity, charging times, or even what kind of charger is needed.You do have the option to unlock Novus via your smartphone, Novus app, and NFC.Oh, you can also use your smartphone as a dashboard to tell you about many other statistical/bike health items that are clearly not included in the dashboard of the standard dashboard, even though you pay a lot of ownership for them!That's so thoughtful.