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A trial run of the electric scooter rental scheme in Milton Keynes reached 10,000 rides and lasted only a month

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Spin electric scooters have had a real explosion since the launch of Milton Keynes, reaching the key milestone of 10,000 rides.

The electric scooter rental company set up a testing ground in August in partnership with Milton Keynes Council, initially placing 100 scooters on the street for residents to use, but soon had to expand to 300.

This milestone has been achieved faster than Spin predicted and has recorded 3,500 users, which means you keep coming back for more.The only complaint is about irresponsible parking.

Spin's data also showed that about 41 percent of electric scooter trips directly replaced MK's car trips.

A trial run of the electric scooter rental scheme in Milton Keynes reached 10,000 rides and lasted only a month

Travellers can download the Spin App from their smartphones and start travelling, at a rate of £0.25 per minute.Scooters can also be used in Redways.

Working closely with Milton Keynes Council Spin, there are also plans to give away hundreds of free helmets and online safety lessons to residents.There is a £5 discount for drivers who take the online quiz and test it according to the rules.

But there have been few reports of irresponsible parking, which Milton Keynes Council and Spin are seeking to address.

Spin's UK managing director, Steve Pyer, said: "We were delighted to bring our first UK electric scooter team to Milton Keynes in August and it is particularly gratifying to see that, with the strong encouragement of local drivers.The rapid adoption rate of this fast alternative car travel.We will continue to work closely with the Milton Keynes Council to ensure continued success.This is the first of many Spin scooters trials in the UK and is part of our strong commitment to fully integrating scooters into the local transport ecosystem."

Sustainability Cabinet member Cllr Lauren Townsend said: "We are delighted that our residents have embraced Spin's electric scooters.We have a good record in Milton Keynes experimenting with new technologies and we are excited about the potential of electric scooters to take people out of the house, reduce emissions and keep the air clean, a key part of our ambitious plans to make MK a leading green city. '