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Ridepanda is an online store designed for e-bike enthusiasts

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There are endless electric scooters and bike-sharing apps.On top of that, there are many choices of electric bikes, scooters, tricycles, unicycles, skateboards, scooters and mopeds.

So Lime, Scoot and Bird's former executives, Chinmay Malaviya and Charlie Depman, have set up an online store in one place that sells all electric passenger bicycles.Ridepanda on Wednesday introduced a selection of electric scooters for scooters, scooters and scooters.It is built on custom searches based on preferences such as price, comfort, ratings, and even weight.You can also use the quiz to find a personalized list of suggested rides.

Ridepanda is an online store designed for e-bike enthusiasts

Ridepanda is for cyclists who want to buy and own their equipment, so you won't find advice on renting scooters through an app.As the pandemic has spread, sales of e-bikes have increased, more than doubling since last year.Still, figuring out which two-wheeler to buy is overwhelming.'Today, it's a noisy experience,' co-founder Malaviya said on a recent conference call, adding that e-bikes and scooters have too many options to parse.

The cars on Ridepanda are sold directly through the company, so you won't interact with a scooter manufacturer like Segway or Unagi.After the purchase, Ridepanda provides its own financing, warranty and customer support.Its logo features a giant panda wearing a helmet, and helmets, locks and other accessories can certainly be found on the site.