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Beryl will launch an electric scooter in Norwich

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Beryl has announced the launch of its electric scooters in Norwich as part of a 12-month trial by the Department for Transport.

This comes after the micro-car company offered to launch the service in partnership with the local council, which has expressed interest in conducting trials of Shared electric scooters earlier this year.

"We are excited to introduce Beryl E-Scooter to Norwich and to be part of the other benefits that flexible, smart and sustainable travel solutions can bring," says Beryl CEO Philip Ellis.

"As people go back to their daily journeys, we want to encourage them to travel in a more environmentally friendly way.
We believe that by providing a mix of vehicles and infrastructure, we can provide Norfolk County Council and its community with a first-class service on a wide range of journeys.
Two thirds of journeys in the UK are within five miles and scooters, e-bikes or bicycles might be an ideal way to travel rather than by car."
"He continued.

As part of a 12-month agreed trial with Norfolk County Council and the Department for Transport, Beryl will introduce up to 100 electric scooters to the community and Norwich will be the UK's first urban vehicle scheme with access to three levels of the ladder.
The scooters will be rented with Beryl's existing bikes and e-bikes via the Beryl app and can be purchased from Beryl Bay in four major cities.

Martin Wilby, Cabinet MP for Norfolk County Council for Roads and Infrastructure, said: "I am delighted to see the first electric scooters arriving on the streets of Norwich, bringing more sustainable transport to more people and supporting our Shared goals to reduce pollution and congestion across the city."

Councillor Wilby added: "It is important to note that although this is a government-backed trial, it is still illegal to use private electric scooters on motorways.
Safety will be critical, which is why we are introducing scooters in a controlled way over time.

Beryl will launch an electric scooter in Norwich
We have taken a number of steps and will be working closely with the police and key local stakeholders to ensure that they are used appropriately and do not have a negative impact on the wider community."

Beryl scooters can be used on roads, bike lanes, driveways and other areas where cycling is allowed but not on pavements.
Each Beryl E-Scooter has been approved by the DfT to ensure that it meets the highest safety standards.
During the trial period, drivers will be required to provide a valid UK licence to use the scooters and to provide feedback on their experience.

Beryl is working closely with Norfolk Police to support the trial and will jointly monitor its safe use.
Norfolk Police will also become a key partner in the development of safety guidelines as the trial progresses.

Graham Dalton, inspector, said: "We are pleased to support this initiative, which can provide local communities with an efficient and more affordable way to travel.
We look forward to seeing how the public will be judged, but it is important for people to realize that the use of conventional electric scooters on highways is still illegal.
This includes sidewalks, bike paths and other public areas.
Although these government trials are currently under way, the legislation remains unchanged and individuals may face fines or fines if used outside the initiative."

To start traveling on a Beryl scooter, users can follow simple in-app instructions to unlock the car for use.
At the end of the ride, the user must lock the scooter through the app and will hear the scooter beep to register that it is locked.
Beryl updated the existing parking infrastructure to allow electric scooters to be rented and parked in an orderly and safe manner.
Beryl E-Scooter is available for hire and can be seen on the street and in the app. Beryl Bays and Norwich's operating areas are also displayed in the app.

Electric scooters can be rented through two payment methods.On demand, users will have to pay £1.50 to unlock the car, while the scooters will cost 10p per minute, or a minute bundle will cost £1.50 to unlock, but with a choice of bundles at 5p per minute.The packages are £5 for 100 minutes, £10 for 200 minutes and £15 for 300 minutes.

Beryl reminds drivers to park their scooters in one of the four allocated Beryl Bays, as anyone who parks their scooters elsewhere will be charged £5 for convenience, while users who lock their Beryl scooters outside the Norwich operating area will be charged £10.

As the trial progresses, Beryl will continue to consult with key organisations such as the Norfolk Police and local disability groups.