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Hero develops high-performance electric scooters in Munich

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Hero MotoCorp is one of India's leading motorcycle makers, taking its fleet into the future by developing a series of electric scooters called E.U. S.
The new Hero, which stands for Electric Ultra Sport, is being developed at the company's technology centre in Munich, Germany, in close collaboration with its research and development facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The E.U. platform will feature performance-oriented features, a variety of drivetrains and a range of adjustability to accommodate a wide range of affordable electric motorcycles on the Indian market.To reduce the cost of the new platform, the E.U. will be manufactured in India but will use components from Hero's European suppliers.
Thus, Hero MotoCorp aims to position itself as a major player in the growing EV space.

Hero develops high-performance electric scooters in Munich

In addition to the Hero MotoCorp move into the future, the shift to a more performance-focused platform signals a departure from the company's image as a budget manufacturer.We can expect the price of the new electric platform to be at a premium, but Heroes appears to be taking steps to ensure that prices remain competitive.Of course, given its performance-oriented nature, there is no doubt that the new platform is expected to have the best range.Not to mention other components such as suspension, brakes and chassis also make up the package - at this point, we still don't know what the Hero's overall bike plan is.

Several major players in the motorcycle industry have made it clear that they want to go green, so the future has plenty of options for tomorrow's motorcycle enthusiasts.In India alone, Bajaj, TVS and a host of startups working on electric two-wheelers are beginning to dominate the electric car space.