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Spin scooter charging stations will be placed around the campus

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Creighton has partnered with Spin, a SAN Francisco-based electric scooter company, to provide an electric docking station for Spin scooters around campus.

For the first trial, piers will be installed in the area between Kiewit Hall and Skutt student Centre, on the north side of Eppley Building, in front of Morrison Stadium and to the north-west of Harper Centre.

Michael Reiner, assistant vice President of public safety, worked with Omaha's Spin operations manager and Lincoln Vince Rukstalis to identify campus areas that could benefit from the Spin docking stations.

Reiner said several criteria were taken into account when choosing the dock location, including proximity to power and easy access to riders.

Reiner said he had never heard of electric scooters until Omaha started talking about a pilot program last year.

"I learned a lot from them very quickly," Reiner says."I started contacting other universities to learn about their experiences with scooter companies."

Mr. Reiner said many electric scooter companies have a bad reputation in several cities because they are poorly regulated, they leave a few scooters in crowded pedestrian Spaces for profit, and they won't be able to work with communities.

Spin scooter charging stations will be placed around the campus

"I really want to figure out what the problems are and how we can overcome them, because they are fun, they are sustainable and reduce the burden on the parking infrastructure," Says Reiner.

If students live outside the campus, they can ride their scooters to the campus and park them on the dock instead of driving to the campus.This will help alleviate the parking availability problems encountered by Creighton.

After observing the City of Omaha's attempt to launch electric scooters last summer, Mr. Renard decided there were some basic rules skateboard companies must follow if they were to operate successfully on the Creighton campus.

To make sure pedestrians are safe, Reiner said, scooters won't be available at Skinner's shopping centers or on campus sidewalks.There is a geographic fence on the map in the application that prevents scooters from riding in these areas.

Reiner also reiterated that in order for scooters to look neat and orderly, they would need designated parking Spaces on campus.
Spin turned to Creighton for a solution: The company is moving to parked scooter models instead of the old no-stop model.

"Basically, you can put the scooter in a dock instead of just putting it on the sidewalk.It looks cleaner and gives them a chance to recharge."Reiner said.

Spin will also add disinfectant cloths to the docks to prevent possible transmission of COVID-19.After each use, the rider should disinfect the scooter.

Spin will also sell ads on LED screens connected to the dock.Some of the revenue from the AD will be paid to Creighton.

Rukstalis says he looks forward to continuing to develop positive relationships with the Creighton community and learning together how to implement new green modes of transportation to get students around campus and town.

"I hope we can come out and schedule a safety demonstration in the near future," Rukstalis said."The safety and usability of our electric scooters are our main operational priorities."

Spin is a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company.According to the website, the company aims to achieve negative net carbon emissions by 2025.

No start date has been set for the charging base, but students can expect to see more Spin scooters available in the coming weeks, Reiner said.