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Austin’s scooter usage dropped nearly 96 percent in April

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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, statistics show fewer and fewer people riding electric scooters on the streets of Austin.Drivers made 6,718 trips between April 1 and April 22, according to data provided by the Austin department of transportation.The number of trips was down nearly 96 percent from the 148,560 made in the same period in March.

In addition, residential orders for Austin and Travis Counties, which took effect March 24, restrict travel to only basic activities.

Austin's scooter usage dropped nearly 96 percent in April

In March 2019, the riders made 689,271 pedal motorcycle trips.Data show that by March 2020, scooter travel had decreased to 159,095 people.

The decline in April could also be related to the limited supply of electric scooters.

Lime, Spin and JUMP suspended operations near the end of March, according to ATD.

Austin's scooter usage dropped nearly 96 percent in April

This week, however, Lime restarted a small fleet of scooters in Austin to provide basic services and free rides for medical and law enforcement personnel through its Lime Aid program.

Lime says: "The aim is to help workers who might be in trouble, either because they don't want to use public transport or get a ride, or because public transport is reducing service."