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This electric bike uses chain-less transmission, 10 seconds fast folding, power 200 kilometers

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In daily life, electric bikes use the chain drive system, once the chain, the car's drive system will fail, and it will cause some danger to riders.Recently, Ingway launched a traditional folding electric bicycle without a chain. Check it out!

Inspired by BMW's line design, this electric bike features an edgy front and a hard back, as powerful as a bullet out of a gun.

Its biggest highlight is that it gets rid of the shackles of the transmission chain and USES the middle shaft transmission structure, which reduces the resistance during cycling, saves more effort and makes cycling feel more comfortable.

This new car USES vector variable frequency mute motor, breaks through the existing technical bottleneck, reoptimizes the tuning, the rotation is very quiet, is also very energy saving.The maximum speed is 25km/h.

This electric bike uses chain-less transmission, 10 seconds fast folding, power 200 kilometers

The standard version is equipped with 48V20ah lithium battery. The battery lasts for 200km with power and 100km with pure battery. The battery is designed with interpolation, which makes it very convenient to pick up and place.

The car also USES an energy recovery system that converts some of the kinetic energy into electricity when the brakes are applied or a switch is released, increasing the car's range.

The other design of the car is convenient folding. It only takes 3 steps and 10 seconds to fold quickly. The two buttons are small and convenient after folding, which can be easily put into the trunk.

This electric bicycle USES the aviation aluminum alloy frame, has the density is small, the strength is high, the elasticity scale is large, the heat dissipation, the earthquake resistance excellent characteristic, has 200,000 tests, is as firm as the beginning.

The brakes use front and rear perforated disc brakes, e-ABS front and rear efficient and fast braking system, with good emergency braking capability.

The dual air hydraulic shock absorption system on the front wheels provides sensitive response and smooth operation. Coupled with a light and sturdy frame, the car is comfortable to ride even when the road is bumpy.