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Calgary launches online survey of electric scooters

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After a successful launch in Calgary in the summer of 2019, the city's pilot program for sharing electric scooters is scheduled to end in late October.

Towards the end of the pilot, the city has launched a public survey to look into the scheme.

The online survey, launched On Tuesday, asked citizens for feedback on fleet size, ride locations, user behavior, operators of Shared scooters and reasons for using or not using Shared scooters.

Calgary launches online survey of electric scooters

The city says the survey will be used to inform Calgary about the future of electric scooters.

"Whether you've ridden a scooter or not, we all want to hear what you think," said Andrew Sedor, a transportation planning strategist.

Information gathered during the investigation will be part of a report to be presented to the Council on Dec. 16, which aims to help determine whether electric scooters will return to Calgary's streets and back roads, and if so, what will happen.

Mr. Sedor said the city had taken them by surprise.