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Bolt has pledged to make climate-friendly electric scooters operational by the end of 2020

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Bolt, the global mobility platform, today announced a commitment to have a positive climate impact in its electric scooter business by the end of 2020.

That means the platform will add more carbon to the production and maintenance of its electric scooters.

Bolt currently operates a private rental vehicle (PHV) in 35 locations and electric scooters in 14 countries and has plans to roll it out to 45 cities by the end of the year.The company will apply its PHV carbon offset program to micro-transportation by the end of 2020.Add specific catalyst programs and partners around the world to help remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.Potential projects include support for afforestation and solar and wind power.

In addition, the climate of Bolt positive goal will allow the platform to build sustainable FaZhanLian, to continue to review of its supply chain, to ensure that where possible to switch to renewable energy, to ensure the best efficiency, and share relevant data and operation of city, in order to help the platform to more green, more overall urban traffic.

Bolt has pledged to make climate-friendly electric scooters operational by the end of 2020

In cities with both A PHV and an electric scooter, Bolt will incentivize app users to switch to mini-rides with in-app recommendations and an electric scooter pass.

The latest Bolt data shows a 9 percent conversion rate from car travel to micro-travel among active users.In addition, it shows that 70 per cent of micro-journeys are for commuting purposes, and that almost 40 per cent of journeys end up near public transport, suggesting that electric scooters are being used as a last mile or first mile option.

Bolt's custom-made scooters are built in-house, lightweight and recyclable, with a service life of up to five years;Manufactured to ISO and other related standards, they are 100% recyclable.

Martin Villig, co-founder and vice President of sustainability at Bolt, said: "At Bolt, we take climate change seriously and intend to be responsible for our environmental impacts.That's why we're committed to achieving climate-friendly electric scooters by the end of the year.Microtransportation offers unique and sustainable transportation solutions for cities and individuals looking to offset their carbon footprints and choose greener transportation options.

"Our unique multi-mode proposal and internally produced electric scooters are just two of the ways we aim to achieve long-term sustainability of electric scooters in all markets, and we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint to achieve our climate positive goals by the end of 2020."