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Will the battery of an electric bike be affected after charging directly?

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The new national standard electric bike and the ordinary two-wheeled electric bike have a little bit similar, that is, the battery is short, although the ordinary battery car only two wheels and there is no other place to use electricity, but the range still let a person feel a little short.
Sometimes we ride the bike to our destination, and when we get back on the bike, we find that the electric bike has run out of power.

Of course, that's not the case with a brand new electric bike, or with our newly replaced electric bike, so why is the battery life getting so short?This has something to do with the operation of bike owners. For example, some bike owners put their electric bikes next to the plug-row and charge the electricity all night. On the second day, they got up and unplugged the power supply and rode away.

Will the battery of an electric bike be affected after charging directly?

In fact, this operation for the electric bike is also a certain impact, the battery car battery is not completely dry, there is some liquid inside.If you do this, you end up with a huge increase in the internal temperature of the battery, especially if it's not fully charged

The chargers leave by bike, which has a greater impact on the subway, causing faster water loss and accelerating battery aging.

In addition, driving with low electric quantity is also a big taboo, which will also cause harm to the electric vehicle. Although it can run for a period of time in the state of low electric quantity, it will strain the batt ery and affect its service life.

Then is the number of charges, in fact, the battery of electric bicycles also have a certain number of charges, is that those lead-acid battery charging times at most is about 360 times, and lithium battery charging times can reach 520 times.If we frequently charge electric vehicles, it is likely to lead to accelerated battery life consumption.