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Research scooters: Electric scooters in Austria measure air quality

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In the next few years, a coastal Village in Europe will emerge with the capabilities needed to reduce lung disease.Ingredients: measurable clean air and intelligently controlled ocean air.Coop Himmelb (L) Au and Soravia are co-architects, initiated by Upper Austrian entrepreneur ChrisMuller.He has overseen the development of Linz tobacco Plant as a creative and start-up center, and his most recent project, an electric scooter measures air quality, is being tested in Linz.

Research scooters: Electric scooters in Austria measure air quality


Atmos installed an error-free box on the front pole with a sensor.Collect air quality data during the journey and transmit it to Atmos.In one app, for example, users can find out what's going on in the air around them and voluntarily share that data with a doctor."Our scooter performs three functions," Miller told TrendTheme."They reduce the user's carbon footprint, support the Research of Atmos Research, and tell the user whether the air quality in the area is good for his health."

Scooters will be used as a fleet of vehicles throughout the village with good air quality to alleviate the situation.The information could help monitor air quality from a variety of sources: "We are currently applying our technology in combination with scooter data, ground measuring stations and satellites," explains Maria Dietrich, manager of Atmos Aerosol Research.In this way, air quality can be traced back to a particular location and developed over many years.

Research scooters: Electric scooters in Austria measure air quality

Construction projects in Austria, China and the Mediterranean

Atmos technology is not only a beautiful theory, but also has been applied.The first involves community or individual housing projects such as the Triiiple house tower on the Danube Canal in Vienna from Soravia.Together with Coop Himmelb (L) Au, Atmos also works at the "Feel Zone" in Xingtai city, one of China's most polluted cities.The real goal, however, is to create a coastal village, the "Atmos Selfness Resort", for which land should be sought this year along Europe's Mediterranean coast.Muller hopes the door will open for the first time in three years.

Research scooters: Electric scooters in Austria measure air quality

As a "biomechanical lung" resort

By looking at the visualizations, you can see the futuristic vision of the white grey, tunnel-like stacked components that form an organic whole."The architecture is actually designed to absorb aerosols from the ocean, the fine salt particles that enter the air when waves break," Muller says.According to the project's website, the "bracing air" should "pass through every hole" in the avant-garde temple, based on the ancient palace of Knossos.Target population: patients with cystic fibrosis and their relatives.The city should work like a biomechanical lung.

Atmos Aerosol Research collaborates with the space agencies NASA and ESA, among others, to conduct scientific assessments of air quality.Muller co-founded the company with Catalyst founders Christoph Steindl and Christian Federspiel, with Soravia and Coop-Himmelb (L) AU co-founders Wolf Prix also participating in the campaign.