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There will be 1,500 electric scooters on the streets of Seattle in the next few weeks

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Seattle - After the Seattle City Council recently approved a pilot program for electric scooters, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) selected three scooter sharing companies to apply for permits, and Seattle's streets and bike lanes will soon have a new parade week.

Lime, Wheels and LINK are expected to launch 500 electric scooters in just a few weeks, depending on how fast they can complete paperwork with the city and hire local staff.

Transport experts hope the new electric scooters will reduce car congestion and improve end-to-end connectivity with other modes of transport.

"Scooter share will soon provide another sustainable way for people to move around safely and sustainably, complementing Seattle's already strong transportation system," SDOT said in a blog post.To make sure the program is running smoothly, we will allow three companies to start small, up to 500 scooters per company if conditions are good, with the potential to add 2,000 scooters per company in the future."

There will be 1,500 electric scooters on the streets of Seattle in the next few weeks

Scooters in the city require helmets, and scooters can reach speeds of up to 8 MPH on the first ride and up to 15 MPH later.In addition, scooters must be parked correctly so as not to restrict sidewalk access.

Boston LINK was rated the best by SDOT in the selection process because the company has 250 small scooters deployed in 35 states.Hope their standing scooters reduce safety problems.

Wheels came in second place and offered scooters, a more accessible option for those with limited mobility.The company operates in Cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando and Brussels.

Lime's participation in the new Seattle pilot, SDOT's number three, may come as no surprise, given that they were among the first companies to launch a free-floating bike-sharing service in the city in 2017.
Lime also bought 500 Red JUMP bikes that it rented from Uber in May to return the dockless cars to the streets of Seattle.

"By becoming the first city to have free water bike sharing, Seattle is taking another big step toward a more sustainable future," Jonathan Hopkins, Director of strategic development at Lime, said in a statement.
And can help reduce congestion in socially distant modes of transportation (such as bicycles and scooters)."

Lime also participated in a separate scooter pilot program at the White Center, expanding the options available in South Seattle.

Like other transportation-based businesses, electric scooter companies face considerable challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and plummeting driver demand.In May Lime slashed its fleet around the world, suspending service in 18 European countries and 19 American states.