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The Rollo offers guests a new way to see the city

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Pasadena, Calif. - Renting a car can be a pain for many guests, especially those traveling to an urban environment.Here are some fees and tolls, parking rules to learn, and the general pressures of operating a bike in an area you don't know much about.However, many cities do not have the largest public transport available, and in the post-COVID-19 travel world, guests may prefer the single option.Enter Rollo's smart scooter.

Skyler McLean, Rollo Hotel Partnership Principal, said, "We will begin to service hotels before COVID-19 occurs."Electric scooters are currently making driverless food deliveries in Southern California, but Mr McLean notes that Rollo expects to add this capability to the hotel world once travel resumes in earnest.

"Tourists are increasingly taking Uber instead of renting cars to get to hotels," McLean said."In 2019, ride-sharing companies will earn 4.5 times more revenue from travelers than car rental companies.Car-less guests need a fun and cost-effective way to get from their hotel to local restaurants and attractions.The Rollo is safe and easy to use."

The Rollo offers guests a new way to see the city

Guests can unlock the scooters with their house keys, and when they return to the hotel, they simply press the pedal and walk in while the scooters park themselves.Also, since the Rollo scooter is self-parked, there is no need for additional employee supervision.

There are many other benefits to this business model, according to McLean."Managing a fleet of pedals is a pain for hotel owners.They must provide the funds to buy and maintain the fleet.They had to pay a clerk to keep their fleet clean and tidy.A fleet of scooters will occupy a lot of valuable real estate near the hotel entrance.Rollo solved all these problems, "McLean says."Rollo does not charge the hotel owner any upfront fees and does not share the proceeds.The Rollo scooters can be parked on their own, keeping the fleet clean, and excess scooters can be stored off-site."

In addition, the hotel will not know the guest's bus route."Rollo helps hotels understand the preferences of guests outside the hotel and glean insights about travel routes to shape the service to meet their needs," Says McLean.