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How to maintain the electric tricycle? Learn these three tips!

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Enter autumn and winter gradually, the mainstream product of electric tricycle market, buy cheap, open cheap, but effective maintenance method, will make your expenditure more save.Electric tricycles have a simpler structure than traditional cars, so they require less maintenance.Mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

Use and maintenance of batteries

One, less and more frequently

1. When the voltage of the battery is not less than 1/3, it is the best time to charge.

When the battery is not used for a long time, we should charge it every half a month.

2. Prevent underpressure and overcharge

1. When the voltage reaches the limit of "under voltage", do not continue to discharge.

2.It is best to cut off the power when the green light is on. The current generated by excessive charging will make the electrolyte consumption too fast.

How to maintain the electric tricycle? Learn these three tips!
3. Constant temperature

Batteries are also a warming species.It must not be too hot in summer or too cold in winter.Charging at too low a temperature does not guarantee a fully charged battery.

Wear and maintenance of tires

The tire installation does not mean that you can once and for all never worry about the tire situation, because the tire is vulnerable, as long as the vehicle will move will wear the tire, so you should always pay attention to the tire wear when you use.

1. Check the tire pressure regularly to avoid excessive or too small tire pressure.Too large explosive tire, too small will increase the friction with the ground, increase power consumption.

2. Avoid hitting the obstacle to avoid causing the tire to explode.

How to maintain the electric tricycle? Learn these three tips!
3. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in summer, to prevent accelerated tire aging.

4 walk a certain distance should be timely tire change, not to save money at a time to put themselves in danger.

Develop good driving habits

1. When starting, speed up slowly so as not to waste electric energy or damage electrical components.

2. During driving, avoid tightening the governor after braking to avoid damage of motor due to excessive overload.

3. Do not turn the steering wheel too hard or when stopping to avoid excessive wear of the tires.

4. Prevent overload, causing unnecessary damage to tires and batteries.

5. In the fall and winter, if you drive in a puddle, try to avoid it to avoid skidding and mud blocking the brake pads.