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Set standards for micro-transportation systems, including electric bikes and scooters

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The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure took concrete steps on Sunday to set standards for micro-transport systems, including electric bikes and scooters.

At a meeting on the subject, presided over by Minister AdilKaraismailo Lu, representatives of the department attended the meeting and issued the first draft of the standards for the supervision of transit instruments.

As a result, operators must have their mobile applications and servers in Turkey to apply for licenses.The code stipulates that when electric scooters are used on intercity roads and roads, the maximum speed limit should exceed 50 km/h.In addition, no more than one person can use the scooters at the same time.

Set standards for micro-transportation systems, including electric bikes and scooters

Noting that 92 percent of Turkey's population lives in cities and regional centers, Karaismailo lu says the minicars will provide an important alternative to urban transportation and have significant environmental benefits.

"But, in addition to security measures, we are also faced with the lack of a corporate licence.Public-private partnerships are essential to overcoming barriers in the industry, so we must develop standards to ensure safety and best serve our citizens."

According to information discussed at the meeting, 4.6 million people worldwide currently share electric scooters, which are expected to increase sixfold by 2024 and reduce carbon emissions by 1.7 billion tons.

The Transport and Infrastructure Minister stressed that in recent years, intelligent transport systems that are efficient, safe, effective, innovative, dynamic and environmentally friendly have become popular.

"We are implementing important projects to involve ourselves in the process," says Karaismailo lu.

Currently, 35,000 electric scooters are used by more than 3 million people in Turkey.As more and more people try to avoid using public transport as much as possible, the coronavirus outbreak has greatly increased the demand for these diseases.