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The electric scooter-sharing company came to Williamsburg

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After New York State legalized electric Scooters, New Jersey-based White Fox Scooters recently launched the borough's first electric scooter sharing service in Williamsburg, offering brooklynites parking Scooters so they can get around without breaking a sweat.The founder of the company.

White Fox CEO Siddharth Saxena said, "People want a convenient commuting option that saves energy and energy, but is also environmentally friendly."

The electric scooter-sharing company came to Williamsburg

Unlike the dockless electric scooters found in other cities, White Fox requires riders to park their two-wheelers at various docks in the Borough, similar to the Citibike bike-sharing program.

The company opened its first New York stop with four scooters April 14 at the Luxury Williamsburg Hotel on N. 12th Street North, and plans to add another stop this week at the Union Hotel on Deguela Street in Gowanus, Mr. Saxena said.

By the end of the summer, Mr. Saxena said, the company plans to open as many as 50 terminals that will allow users over the age of 18 to check out scooters by tapping on the company app.

The starting fee for individual rides is $1 per minute.Users can also buy unlimited rides for $20 a day or $99 a month.

Depending on the model, the scooter can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, saxena says, and its battery can drive you 10 to 30 miles per charge.

The electric scooter-sharing company came to Williamsburg

Unless the scooter is anchored to the docking station, the application will not allow you to draw conclusions.Users face fines of between $15 and $25 if they leave their scooters on the street.

The company was founded in Jersey City in August 2019, and has long aspired to reconnoitres on the Hudson -- which was eventually made possible by a legal change in the New York State budget for 2021, according to Saxena.

The company allowed the coronavirus pandemic and governor Andrew Cuomo (Andrew Cuomo) leading to stand by in order to continue to operate at home, because they are considered to be "essential" transportation company, and they take advantage of this privilege for the medical personnel and Saxony said Saxena, emergency workers claim that staff after each cycle will be carried out on the scooter disinfection, in order to reduce the risk of transmission.

However, while they are still operating, many of their potential paying customers have been boycotts during the pandemic, causing other electric scooter companies to struggle with plummeting demand - although Saxena still wants to keep the risk of contagion relatively low when travelling by car.Two-wheelers would make scooters an attractive option for people in Brooklynite.

"The demand is definitely not very profitable at the moment, but we want to offer this option because it is safer than public transport and riding cars," he said."It's a way to get fresh air in a socially friendly way without straining, without sweating, and it gets you moving around."