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Electric scooters are reaching the streets of Britain faster than anyone expected

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Trials of electric scooters are growing rapidly in the UK, and there are now plans to put thousands of scooters on the streets (and pavements, no doubt).

Trials of electric scooters began in the UK earlier this summer after transport authorities cleared the way for these battery-powered gadgets to be used on roads.
But in the weeks since the first pilot test was launched, thousands of scooters have been ready to hit the streets of The UK.

Why the rush?Well, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has persuaded local authorities to focus on alternative modes of transport to help people avoid underground and national rail trains and buses.

Electric scooters are reaching the streets of Britain faster than anyone expected

With local governments across the country pledging to expand the size of bike lanes in response to changing habits triggered by the ongoing public health crisis, this seems like the perfect time to introduce electric scooters, such as those already found in San Francisco, Paris and Madrid.

According to the Financial Times, dozens of cities and local councils in England, Scotland andWales are in discussions with domestic and foreign motorcycle rental companies.Tests are being carried out at Teesside and Milton Keynes.Then came the West Midlands, which plans to launch its biggest programme yet.Eventually, there will be 10,000 scooters on the streets of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton.

This is not just a huge scale for the country - if these Numbers are correct, it will be one of the largest deployments of electric scooters in any urban area in the world.