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NIU and partners provide free electric bikes for medical workers

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At a time when most people should be staying at home to help contain the coronavirus pandemic, health care workers need safe means of transport to hospitals and clinics more than ever.NIU, an electric vehicle company, has strengthened its partnership with a scooter sharing partner to create MoveSafely, a program to provide free rides to health care workers.

MoveSafely plans to offer free rides for electric bikes

As one of the largest electric vehicle companies in the world, NIU is uniquely positioned to help healthcare workers safely enter its workplace.

NIU owns more than a million electric scooters and has partnerships with at least 20 scooter sharing companies around the world.Such programs often offer free-floating electric scooters around the city that riders can rent by the minute.This provides an alternative to private cars or crowded public transport.

NIU and partners provide free electric bikes for medical workers

NIU has now worked with many pedal motorcycle sharing partners to set up the MoveSafely program.

As part of the plan, medical staff will receive a free supply of NIU electric bikes, which can reach 30 MPH (51 km/h) in many markets and are especially useful for navigating urban areas.

At a time like this, health care workers are probably the most important job in our society, and we should explore everything we can do to make sure they work safely.

Many doctors and nurses used to rely on public transport to get to hospitals and clinics, but the few buses and subways left have filled up because of the cancellation and reduction, and this option is now almost impossible.Due to the risk of novel CoronaviruscoVID-19 infection, experts recommend avoiding this closely packaged condition.

Personal transport, such as electric scooters, is by far one of the best ways to see a city - at least for people who absolutely have to leave their homes.So I said Bravo!Provision of services to all companies that have stepped up their efforts to provide free electric scooters and mopeds to health workers.