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Revolt is now offering an ELECTRIC motorcycle subscription in India

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Electric scooters represent an interesting world of possibilities, but they're not cheap.As technology and manufacturing capacity improve, prices will fall to a level more people can afford, but it will take time.What if you want an e-bike now?

That's what Indian start-up Revolt Intellicorp is trying to figure out.Rahul Sharma, its founder, calls its basic plan for the adoption and ownership of e-bikes "motorcycle as a Service".Under my Plan for Rebellion, there is no such thing as a "down payment," or even a separate insurance or maintenance fee.Instead, you'll pay just once a month to do everything related to your new Electric Revolt.After three years of payment, the customer can own the bike completely.

Revolt is now offering an ELECTRIC motorcycle subscription in India

At the moment, Revolt offers two models: the RV300 and the RV400. They're all very similar in appearance.The RV300 has a 60V battery, a 1.5kwh electric motor, a top speed of 65km/h (just over 40mph) and a range of between 80km and 180km (49.7mph and under 112mph), depending on how you ride.Meanwhile, the RV400 comes with a 72V battery, a 3kWh electric motor, a top speed of 85 KPH (less than 53 MPH) and a range of 80 to 150 km(49.7 to 93 MPH).

Of course, the monthly fee corresponds to the model you choose.RV300 is priced at Rs.The monthly price is 2,999($41) and the RV400 is Rs.3999($54.50) a month.Sharma told the Economic Times that because it was a smart bike, the bike subscription service could be turned off to avoid payment.If you want to travel, you'd better pay your bike bill on time.You can also choose to buy these bikes in a lump sum for Rs.RV300 is $84,999 (or $1,158), or rupees.The RV400 is $103,999 ($1,417).If you do purchase, do not know what insurance and maintenance term to purchase new Insurances.

By the way, the company should not be confused with Texas ReVolt Motors or Israel ReVolt Motors, which makes the electric Motors that are sold internationally.Revolt Intellicorp opened its first branch in Mumbai in August 2020, and has exhibition halls in Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Chennai.