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Legal requirements for riding electric scooters in the UK

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UK Electric Scooters Law: You can legally ride electric scooters on roads, speed limits, driving licence rules, helmets, insurance and penalties for breaking the law.

Can you ride an electric scooter on the road?

If you own your own personal electric scooter, it is illegal to use it on roads or bike paths.However, the rules for the vehicle rental version are different.

In some test areas, electric scooters for hire can be used on roads (except highways) and bike paths.You are not allowed to use electric scooters on the sidewalk.

Where is the trial area for electric scooters?

Currently, the teesdale Coalition government (Darlington Borough Council, Hartlepool Borough Council, Middlesbrough Borough Council, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, and Teeston Stockton Borough Council) is taking part in the trial.

Can you use an electric scooter on the road in Portsmouth?

At present, the city is not included in the pilot area, so it is illegal to ride a rented or private electric scooter on Portsmouth's roads.

However, Portsmouth City Council is in Portsmouth for a possible trial that will allow the hiring of electric scooters on the city's roads.

Legal requirements for riding electric scooters in the UK

What's the speed limit for electric scooters?

The maximum speed limit is 15.5 MPH in the test area allowing vehicles to travel on roads and bike lanes.

Electric scooters are limited to this speed. In some areas, electric scooters may be limited to lower maximum speeds.

Do you need a driver's license?

To use electric scooters for hire on the road, you must have class Q rights on your driver's license.

UK full or temporary UK licences for AM, A or B include rights to Class Q, so you can use electric scooters if you have one of these licences.

If you have a temporary license, there is no need to show the L board when using electric scooters.

If you have an overseas driving licence, you can use an electric scooter in the following circumstances: a valid official licence from the EU or EEA country/region (as long as it does not prohibit you from driving low speed mopeds and motorbikes).

With a valid driving licence in another country/territory, you may drive a small vehicle (e.g. car, mopeds or motorbikes) and have entered the UK within the past 12 months.

Legal requirements for riding electric scooters in the UK

Do I need to buy insurance?

Electric scooters must have auto insurance, but you don't need to arrange this insurance.This will be provided by your electric scooter rental operator.

Do you need a helmet?

You should wear a bicycle helmet when using an electric scooter.Helmets are recommended but not required by law.

Where can you use your personal electric scooter?

It is currently illegal to use private electric scooters on roads and bike lanes in the UK.

What is the penalty for breaking the law?

If you use an electric scooter illegally: you may face a fine, a penalty on your driver's license, and the scooter may be impounded.