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Better than Lidl scooters: Once again, the price/performance ratio of electric scooters is improved

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If you're looking for a cheap but stable electric scooter, you can find it at Media Markt and Saturn.

With an Iconbit-E-Scooer, the price is down 366 euros, just a little more than the once-popular Lidl E-Scooter.Compared with the cheaper Speedster, the brand also offers a rear suspension.

Media Markt and Saturn currently have two iconBIT electric scooters that are cheap.Although the local price of iK-1972K is currently €333, our focus is on the slightly more expensive but powerful iconBIT IK-1969K, which costs less than €366 (you can get quotes directly from Media Markt here).For comparison: The Lidl electric scooter cost 349 euros in February, while the Aldi was only 199 euros.We strongly recommend that you do not use the latter, as there are some device defects.Transport costs don't require Media Markt or Saturn.

What can iconBIT IK-1969K do?

According to Media Markt, the iconBIT Ik-1969K scooter is not very light, weighs 16.5kg, can withstand loads of up to 100kg, can reach a maximum speed of 20km/h (the maximum speed allowed for street legal electric scooters), and can provide a 350-watt engine with a range of about 25km.

Better than Lidl scooters: Once again, the price/performance ratio of electric scooters is improved

It can be compared to the Aldi electric scooter.That makes it only 8 to 12 kilometers, which is a very good price.Electric scooters take four to five hours to recharge from a home outlet.The decent 7,500 mAh battery won't take it out to recharge.

Like the Lidl electric scooter, the speed car has only one mechanical disc brake at the back, while the front brakes are fully electric.In addition to mechanical braking, street legal electric scooters must also be equipped with headlights, taillights, bells and an insurance license plate holder -iconBIT IK-1969K provides all of these features.Other features include an 8.5-inch honeycomb hardrubber tire, LED display that provides information on speed and battery power, and side stands.In this state, the scooters can be folded up and measure 119 cm (length) * 43.2 cm (height) x 18.5 cm (width).

The iconBIT Ik-1969K not only has a very similar look to the Lidl Escooter in its trim, but also includes other electric scooters, which we have tested: the TECHNOSTAR TES 200 and the Trekstor EG3187 - our first list form on the rear of the two models.But these two scooters are by far the cheapest electric scooters.Most of the other electric scooters CHIP has tested are well above the 1,000 euro mark.

We think this is iK-1969k iconBIT worried about almost the same E-motorcycle model, and there is a good and some not so good news.First, under normal conditions and temperatures, the 25km range that can be read on various websites should be realistic.We measured 23.5km in the CHIP test lab of Technostar and Trekstor scooters.

Another advantage of the Media Markt electric scooter: it has a rear suspension over the Lidl electric scooter and the Technostar and Trekstor models.Therefore, it should provide more driving comfort than competing products.