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Going to green: Electric scooter service launched in Cape Town

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Electric Life Rides, a South African Electric scooter and vehicle technology company, will officially start service in early September 2020 in Cape Town.

The initial fleet of dockless Electric scooters will be based on the Electric Life Rides transportation hub and partner.

How does the electric scooter system work?

Users can order scooters through a mobile application supported by Wunder Mobility, the creator of the scooter-sharing platform.Simply download and activate the bar code on the scooter, and users can then use their bank card to buy ride points directly through the app.

The innovative rental system provides users with the opportunity to rent and ride on demand, change hardware options on demand, and be able to ride every minute, hour, day, or month in a cost-effective manner.

Electric Life Rides will offer a subscription-based model for the first 60 days.

"For R1,980 per month, you get a package that includes a commercial electric scooter and charger, unlimited mileage and points for the month, built-in safety tracking and the ability to travel freely in traffic jams," the company said.

Going to green: Electric scooter service launched in Cape Town

The scooter is completely controlled by the user and is locked and unlocked using the application and the user's unique login details.

In terms of safety, the vehicle also has a built-in tracking system to make the vehicle easy to locate and provide convenience, which saves worry and keep safe.

A revenue-sharing model for enterprises

Businesses will be able to use scooters for commercial purposes, such as packaging or food delivery, security in office parks and real estate, collection or delivery of documents, or movement in large warehouses.

Vehicle tracking technology also has application programming interface (API) capabilities that can interface with other applications, such as food and drug delivery.
This also allows control over the use of parameters, including path control, speed, and so on.

Electric Life Rides will also offer a Shared revenue-sharing model for companies that want to operate or manage a fleet of scooters for public use in their locations.

Reshape the way we act

In a recent business model demonstration, Electric Life Group CEO Stefan Van der Sandt said their vision is to "build and launch a technology company and application that will effectively disrupt, challenge and reshape our mobility and commuting options and micro-electric vehicles to Africa by providing innovative services."

"We are very excited about expanding into electric and micro transportation and are the first to be the custodian of the African market.This will make a meaningful difference in urban transport and we are proud to be part of the growing transport revolution in Africa and other parts of the world."

Electric Life Rides plans to expand locally and globally, adding fleet locations and partners, and expanding its current product offering to five options, including four-wheel vehicles.They have plans to expand into Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

"We want to help create a better tomorrow by enabling people to travel in better ways, to live in greener, cleaner ways, while reducing carbon emissions and creating local jobs."