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Honda will launch its new Forza scooter on October 14

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Honda has just released a prevue for their upcoming Forza scooter.The prevue reveals details of the scooter, which will be unveiled on October 14.

The prevue ended with an amusing conclusion: "The Forza family is growing."This clearly leads us to believe that this Japanese brand is introducing scooters with larger engines.Currently, the company owns Forza 125 and Forza300.Both scooters cater to different types of riders.But it looks like the upcoming Extreme Racing will also cater to new buyers, who have bigger engines.

Honda will launch its new Forza scooter on October 14

The prequel video revealed details such as the front fairing and engine housing, as well as some radical design lines.The company has the potential to make scooters look aggressive and bold.The scooter is expected to have some nice features, such as full LED lighting, cruise control and more.

Forza's scooters have always been sold in developed countries.That is why it will never go to India in the near future.