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Meet the intelligent electric vehicles.9 Electric C60 Review: Unlock and hit the road in 3 seconds!

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To tell the truth, since the contact with the products of robot 9, its new products are always hard to escape the author's hand, maybe this is the so-called doomed!From balance bikes to scooters to electric bikes, I've been slightly tortured by them, but I've also had my moments of torture, such as the endurance test of superendurance riding.

I would like to introduce the object of this comprehensive evaluation: It ranks the second in the No. 9 electric C series. Since its birth, it has the functions of induction unlocking, constant speed cruise, triple positioning, App monitoring and so on.

Meet the intelligent electric vehicles.9 Electric C60 Review: Unlock and hit the road in 3 seconds!

The lighting design is a bit fancy

At the first sight of no. 9 electric C60, I was attracted by its gorgeous appearance and simple sense of science and technology design. I started to touch the body environment-friendly PP material, which is not only solid material, but also full of texture, and this material will not cause pollution, but also can be 100% recycled.

Frame environment-friendly PP material

Then use the spare key to open the bucket and connect the power.(here to tell you a small oolong: the difficult journey to find the keyhole, usually the electric bike keyhole will be set in the bottom of the bike, but in No. 9 electric C60 bike parts were not found, I thought they forget to set the keyhole??So the three of us began as long as ten minutes of carpet search, and sure enough, it paid off, in the rear of the bike left rear finally found, the keyhole setting is really wonderful, maybe this is also part of the anti-theft measures!

Meet the intelligent electric vehicles.9 Electric C60 Review: Unlock and hit the road in 3 seconds!

The left side is the horn button, the right side is the custom button

In terms of headlights, no. 9 electric C60 is more of a change in the normal state. LED headlights with light-sensing intelligent technology are adopted.Is it nicer than a car?

Light-sensitive intelligent LED headlights

Let the author most move is 9 electric C60 the intuitive double loop state of instrument and dazzling light, vehicle after open, always shining "halo" status lamp and fashion purely digital instrument, even if riding in the sun also can see the vehicle information, when the double loop state light is yellow, said the vehicle did not take, in standby state;When the double-ring status light is green, it means that people and cars are ready to start at any time;When the double-ring status light is blue, it means that the current status of the vehicle is automatic cruise/booster implementation;And when the double-ring status light is red, it means that the vehicle is in trouble, please check and repair in time.

In terms of tires, No. 9 electric C60 adopts a new vacuum tire. The tread pattern is self-designed, which has been further improved in terms of grasping ground and anti-skid.In the rear of the bike, it USES a fully wrapped fender, even on the muddy road do not have to worry.

Meet the intelligent electric vehicles.9 Electric C60 Review: Unlock and hit the road in 3 seconds!

Full wrap fender

It is worth mentioning that no. 9 electric C60 also supports color customization, such as the body's rear decorative board, exterior decorative board, interior decorative board, front decorative board, seat cushion can be customized on the official website.

Such intelligent features are still to be developed

When it comes to smart functions, most people think of the interconnection between mobile apps and vehicles. However, in the case of No.9 electric C60, in addition to smart apps, we can also set function keys through simple tapping, touching and collision to achieve convenient operation experience.

No key is needed to unlock a bike

Ninebot AirLock: Ninebot AirLock; Ninebot AirLock; Ninebot AirLock; Ninebot AirLock; Ninebot AirLock.2.NFC swipe card to unlock, similar to tesla Model 3 card key;3.APP remote unlock.(Note: The 2 mechanical keys attached are not for unlocking, which can be used to open the bike's seat bucket in special circumstances.)

After experiencing three unique unlock options, I have to say that the one-click unlock option is nothing to speak of. Besides, the Number 9 Electric C60 has been equipped with Ninebot AirLock Bluetooth Sensor unlock, which key to use, or any other unnecessary operation. It only takes 3 seconds from unlocking to the road ride.

Meet the intelligent electric vehicles.9 Electric C60 Review: Unlock and hit the road in 3 seconds!

Get off and go without locking the bike

At the end of the ride, everyone must have this concern: Is the bike really locked?Often lock the car also want to check carefully again, lest the bike is stolen.

Experience after 9 electric vehicle C60, the author found his suspicious were cured, the credit for all benefit from the 9th electric car lock function of C60, namely stop or go, 5s (time can be customized) automatic car lock, intelligent leading lock, parking down after the temple, leading directly to the left to play in the end, does not need the key operation, the leading lock automatically locked, don't go to too much.

Convenience with one click

The actual experience of the number nine electric C60 custom keys only to find that with a single button, you can set so many functions.

In the process of cycling, just press the right button to start the cruise at a constant speed, so that the vehicle will automatically keep the current speed and continue to move forward, greatly relieving the fatigue caused by hand handlebar turning for a long time.

Meet the intelligent electric vehicles.9 Electric C60 Review: Unlock and hit the road in 3 seconds!

After looking at the appearance design, intelligent function, security and anti-theft Settings of the No. 9 electric C60, as well as its ultimate endurance, I have to say something about his considerate after-sales service

No. 9 official commitment: all the main parts of the vehicle are above the average level of the super-long warranty, the vehicle frame lifetime warranty, ECU (*ECU is the vehicle control module) 3-year warranty, the vehicle motor six-year warranty.

In addition, those who buy the No.9 electric vehicle will be offered a free one-year warranty service.For example, if you lose your vehicle or have a cycling accident during the warranty period, you can consult and settle the claim according to the insurance regulations, so as to provide more protection for each user's cycling.