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Lynk & Co 04 electric scooter first release, co-sell 2999 yuan

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As an Easter egg at the end of the Lynk & Co06 online press conference, bLynk & Co 04 was officially released.But the mysterious new addition to the Lynk & Co family isn't our idea of a car. It's an electric scooter.The launch of Lynk & Co04 electric scooters was accompanied by the official announcement of the joint product of Lynk & Co and segway-ninebot, the Lynk & Co 04 electric scooter, which will be sold for RMB 2999 and limited to 200 units.

The same as the Lynk & Co 06 on the side, the Lynk & Co 04 electric scooter is also composed of black, blue and orange, with a very fashionable shape. In particular, the rear of the car is equipped with a ring taillight, which makes the whole car more recognisable. The front is equipped with a 2.5w lens headlight, which can illuminate the distance up to 10m.

Lynk & Co 04 electric scooter first release, co-sell 2999 yuan

It is worth mentioning that the whole control panel of Lynk & Co 04 electric scooter is almost made up of full LCD screen, which is more convenient to operate.The body can be folded for 1s, and the folded area is 0.05m. Besides, 90% metal parts are used to make the weight of the body only 10.5kg, which can be easily put into the luggage compartment.

In terms of product parameters, Lynk & Co04 electric scooter has a range of about 12km, a maximum speed of about 20km/h, and a charging time of about 3.5h.In terms of operation, the user can realize the driving operation by stepping on the pedal lightly, and the boot can be turned off automatically when 3s is stepped on.Press the pedal to brake, and double pedal to switch the speed mode.At rest, the pedal can be used to turn on/off the headlights.