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The switchable foldable electric scooter will make all your commuting problems disappear

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Last-mile solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years as a growing number of electric car makers have set their sights on this segment of the market, promising to significantly reduce pollution and, just as important, traffic times.But many of these electric cars, large and small, have yet to solve one problem: maneuverability.

In other words: What do you do with an electric bike or scooter when you take public transportation or have arrived at your destination?Rental services such as Bird and Lime may help reduce commuting times and pollution, but they exacerbate the problem of overcrowding by leaving them on the street or pavement.

The switchable foldable electric scooter will make all your commuting problems disappear

This is the idea of the foldable electric car/latest solution.At the moment, not as many as we would like to see, and many of them are still too big or too heavy for cycling to carry or difficult to carry.More elegant, compact and lightweight products are being made -- the foldable Switch electric scooter could be one of them.

For now, this is just a concept from Lucid Design designers Adil Lokhandwala, Adhithya Vishnu M, Aditya Tupe and Amit Mirchandani.However, Lucid notes that the product is' coming soon ', which may mean that it has attracted enough attention to be ready for production.

Even as a concept, it's an excellent electric scooter.Not only is it light enough to carry on the back without a problem, but it's compact and elegant.It's really a portable scooter, so hopefully portability doesn't come at the cost of reliability.

The switchable foldable electric scooter will make all your commuting problems disappear

The Switch has a flat packaging mechanism that folds it onto itself and then attaches it to the backpack.Slide down the retractable handlebars, fold the handle, fold the scooter and save.This actually eliminates the problem of mobility, parking and even storage space, making it smooth enough to be integrated into the rider's daily activities.It's like a backpack.

To achieve this sleek shape and increase the ease of use, the designers have integrated braking and acceleration functions into the handlebars.Unlocking is done by pressing the fingerprinting button at the bottom of the drop-off handle, while the integrated display provides statistics such as estimated remaining distance, odometer, current time, estimated time of arrival, and GPS navigation and orientation.

Intelligent connectivity through a dedicated application can put the owner at ease by letting them know where the scooters are at all times.Integrated headlights and taillights will maximize the view from the road.

The switchable foldable electric scooter will make all your commuting problems disappear

The designers noticed that they didn't want the owners' lives to revolve around charging the Switch scooters, so they came up with the idea of using a high-capacity replaceable battery.That way, they can ride until the juice runs out, then simply drive to the Switch station and get a fully charged charging station, dropping the empty one.This particular detail indicates that the Switch will be used with a Shared mobile platform in the manner of the Lime and Bird scooter described above.

For the time being, this is just a concept, and the renderings do not contain more specific details (such as estimated range, maximum speed, or total weight).However, if it becomes a reality, as the notes on the Lucid Design website show, they will be made public in due course.

The details, and the price, will make the choice between a clean and fast commute and a gas-guzzling commute.