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Apollo lightweight electric scooter offers advanced features at an affordable price

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The folks at Apollo Scooters told us about their new, upmarket electric Scooters.Today, so many electric scooters are built as cheaply as possible that if they break, they are destined to be thrown away.With its vertical integration of manufacturing, service and marketing, the Apollo scooter is considered a more durable, higher-quality product.

They sent us Apollo Light ($683) to play for a few weeks, and as a 205-pound thing, I initially had some doubts about my body's future health and well-being.When it arrived, obviously this is not I hate it because of its poor construction quality and one of the one-time scooter, and hate can dispose of them, but because it is a carefully crafted scooter, with 20 miles (35 kilometers) full suspension, a top speed of 20 MPH (35 KPH), and Canada services team to provide 24 months warranty service.The warranty is impressive because it also covers batteries powered by Dynavolt, providing 2,600 charging cycles, or the equivalent of six years of daily charging.

Apollo lightweight electric scooter offers advanced features at an affordable price

Right at the gate, the Apollo light was an explosion.Its large tires and full suspension provide stable, comfortable driving, while the handlebars provide stable grip.The deck of the broad forged aluminum frame incorporates interesting graphics and grip bands that are both fun and practical.I found myself wanting to wander down the street, step onto the sidewalk, jump and crash into a coffee shop (before quarantine, mind you).

I grew up on a pedal bike and rode them casually in high school.With an integrated battery and a 350-watt rear hub motor (500 watts at most), the Apollo lights cleaned up these old memories in me and turned my daily commute from a coffee shop trip to a pleasant downhill ride.Tap the accelerator in one of the three available gears to turn any flat or hilly ground into an adrenaline-filled downhill shock wave.

1: Maximum 15 KM/H (8 MPH)

2: Maximum 25 KM/H (15 MPH)

3: Maximum 35 KM/H (20 MPH)

In testing the range of the holy Light, I carved a steep descent for several miles, then turned around and abused the plank with a painful trek up the hill.As with all electric cars, the motor's peak power decreases as the battery drops, so it disappears as I head back up the hill.Similarly, the scooter completes an impressive 17km journey and still has a 2-bar battery capacity.True, the remaining battery power won't support much travel at normal speed, but from day one, I was impressed with what this "light" electric scooter could do.

Apollo lightweight electric scooter offers advanced features at an affordable price

Apollo Light integrates all communications with the pilot in a single display bundled with the accelerator.The full color circular display allows you to easily view the current speed, "gear", odometer and charging status.It also shows the status of the LED light, which can be activated by holding down the "Mode" button for a few seconds.When engaged, the headlights and a set of bright red LED taillights also light up at the same time, flashing when braking.This is the key to improving vision and represents a meaningful improvement for the rider.

Integrated into the display is the throttle lever, which controls how much juice the motor drops.The pilot can choose one of three "gears" to unlock a higher top speed and faster acceleration.Fixing the throttle lever to the display creates a trade-off, as you can eventually adjust the throttle position comfort or display field of view for the entire module.Apollo offers after-market thumb throttles, but it would be nice to solve them as part of the design rather than as an additional purchase.

The display contains Settings that can be helped in the user's manual to customize to your liking.You can adjust basic Settings, such as screen brightness and switch the default metric from kilometers to miles, and then adjust.The Light also has cruise control, which allows it to maintain longer driving speeds at longer speeds.

Apollo lightweight electric scooter offers advanced features at an affordable price

At just 17 kilograms (37.4 pounds), the Apollo lightweight aircraft was not light, but it was easy to fold and carried for short distances.Perfect for taking it into a crowded garage, office, coffee shop or upstairs apartment.One of the most exciting use cases in interesting and powerful builds is as a last-mile solution.Take it to the bus stop or train station, fold it up and use it to get from the nearest station to your destination.

Further extending the functions of the electric scooter, it can also be simply inserted into the destination to cram more scooter time into the journey.With the standard charger that comes with it, it takes four to five hours to fully charge, or you can upgrade to the Fast Charger ($108), which only takes two hours to charge.

Apollo Light is rated at 220 pounds, and feels solid in almost every way with countless trips around town, Tours around the community, and even a few quick trips off-road.The light weight has a full suspension with shock absorption at all four corners, while the stem has a central shock absorption to absorb bumps on the road for a more comfortable ride.The inflatable front tires also eliminate some bumps on the road, while the solid rubber rear tires ensure that all the power from the electric motor is transmitted to the ground.They are hard enough not to feel elastic, but cushioned enough to make the ride more comfortable.

Light is a great option for people looking for a more interesting, portable and affordable form of transportation than electric bikes.Compared with competitive scooters, Light brings features such as LED lights and suspension to the party, making the ride safer and more comfortable.If the Light isn't to your liking, Apollo also offers three other scooter models: City ($899), Explore ($1,295) and Pro ($1,871).