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You can now subscribe to the electric scooter service in Cape Town

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The South African electric scooter company and vehicle technology company Electric Life Rides will start service in early September 2020 in Cape Town.

The first fleet of electric scooter will be offered at the group's new transport hub and partner, the President Hotel in Bantry Bay.

Live Electric works through an Uber-like mobile app, powered by Wunder Mobility, the creator of the car-sharing platform.Users can scan a barcode on a scooter to download the app and activate it, and can then use their bank card to buy ride points directly through the app.

The technology will bring dockless electric scooter for hire to South Africa.It says users will experience on-demand options, switching between hardware and being able to ride affordably every minute, hour, day or month with modern mechanisms that do not require traditional ownership experiences and obligations.

Electric Life Rides said it would offer a subscription-based model to the South African market in the first 60 days.It says the RMB1980 monthly combo will give you a package that includes a commercial electric scooter and charger, a month of unlimited mileage and points, built-in safety tracking and the ability to travel freely in traffic jams.

The scooter is controlled by the user and can be locked and unlocked using the app.

You can now subscribe to the electric scooter service in Cape Town

The vehicle also has a built-in tracking system that provides convenience, comfort and safety by easily finding the nearest vehicle.

"Vehicle tracking technology also has application programming interface (API) capabilities that provide interface capabilities with other applications such as food and drug delivery.It also allows control of the parameters used, including route control, speed and so on, the team said.

"Our vision is to create and launch a technology company and application that will effectively disrupt, challenge and reshape the way we commute by providing Africa with innovative options and micro-electric vehicles," said Stefan Van der Sandt, CHIEF executive officer of The E-Lifestyle Group.

"We do plan to work with Europe, the UAE and the United States on a global basis as soon as possible.We want to help create a better tomorrow for people to travel in better ways, to live in greener, cleaner ways, while reducing carbon emissions and creating local jobs."

The Electric Life Rides will be launched in September with the Electric Kick scooter.

Upon confirmation, additional product introductions, additional fleet locations and partner details will be announced.

The planned product range will be expanded to offer five options, including four-wheel vehicles.

Electric Life Rides said it would offer a Shared revenue-sharing model for businesses wishing to deploy and operate/manage a fleet of pedal motorcycles from its site to the public in its real estate/location.

These scooters can be used for parcel or food delivery, document collection or delivery, simple and efficient commuting in office parks and housing estates, warehouses, security patrols or for commuting purposes.