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Kumpan is launching new, faster electric bikes

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Kumpan Electric has just announced a new version of its retro-styled battery-electric bike.The new electric vehicles fill the Kumpan 54I lineup and offer several models with speeds ranging from 45 to 100 km/h (28 to 62 MPH).

The Remagen, Germany-based company previously launched the Kumpan 54 Inspire, a 45kph (28mph) electric bike that is eligible for the L1e, so you don't need a motorcycle license.

Now the company has picked up the pace with the launch of the Kumpan 54 Ignite and 54 Impulse.

Ignite USES an electric motor with a continuous power rating of 7 kW (9.4 HP) and a peak power rating of 8.4 kW (11.3 HP) to accelerate an electric bike to a top speed of 100 km/h (62 MPH).It also offers a combination of braking system (CBS) and sport tires.

Kumpan is launching new, faster electric bikes

The less ambitious 54 Impulse offers 4 kW (5 HP) motors, with a top speed of 70 km/h (43.5 MPH).

54 Ignite is ready for delivery and the second production will be launched in October.54 Impulse didn't begin production until the fourth quarter of this year.All of Kumbang's electric bikes are designed and built locally in Germany.

Both models also offer powerful new LED lights, updated seat designs and a new KeyApp that unlocks the electric bike from the rider's smartphone.electric bikes also use large, seven-inch touch-screen displays.

The cars are powered by the same PowerPack 2.0 batteries used in the Kumpan ev lineup.Each electric bike comes with two 1.5kwh batteries, but there is room to add a third.

Kumpan is also working on future developments, including an extension dock that can charge up to three batteries in parallel, and a fast charger that can cut charging time in half.

Kumpan is launching new, faster electric bikes

Customers can find the Kumpan 54 Impulse, priced at 5,847 euros ($6,960), and the Kumpan 54 Impulse, priced at 6,822 euros ($8,120).

Although Europe is Kumpan's biggest market, the company also began operating in the US this year.

The move comes after Kumpan struck a big investment deal, bought Scrooser, another electric-car company, and integrated it into its wider network.