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Smoking gun!The M2, lenovo’s electric scooter for smart travel, will hit the market in May

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On April 15, Lenovo China took over the baton Lenovo Group held a pledge meeting.At the meeting, lenovo scooter M2, as an important product in the field of intelligent transportation layout, was officially unveiled. It was the first time for this product to meet you in the form of a real car. The official debut of this product also marked a solid and important step for Lenovo in the field of intelligent transportation layout.

Smoking gun!The M2, lenovo's electric scooter for smart travel, will hit the market in May

In fact, as early as march this year, lenovo intelligent ecology of the official micro blog "wisdom Association" exposed lenovo scooter M2 related information, caused the majority of netizens hot discussion.The lenovo scooter M2 in electric scooter on the folding of a key component of magnesium alloy material, the material is widely used in aerospace and automotive and military fields, have stronger ability to resist shock, ensure the product whether it is a state in the state of driving fast or slow down, or driving on the bumpy road, users don't have to worry about, magnesium alloy folding machine powerful impact resistant ability can let a handlebar more solid and durable, further assure the use safety of users.Compared with aluminum alloy folding machine used in other products on the market, the application of magnesium alloy folding machine made lenovo scooter M2 stronger, and the stability and durability of the whole vehicle were better improved.

Smoking gun!The M2, lenovo's electric scooter for smart travel, will hit the market in May

Lenovo scooter M2 folding machine in addition to the material is very hard, in the folding way is also very innovative.Lenovo's original flat gear locking technology ensures smaller mechanical gaps in the folding area, thus making the folded parts more stable, no obvious looseness in the handlebars, and better vehicle handling experience.At the same time, the adoption of innovative folding technology also makes the Lenovo Scooter M2 easier to fold and unfold than similar products, truly achieving the "three-second folding is more portable, easy to open and close and easier to use".In addition, intelligence is also a significant feature of Lenovo's scooter M2. Through the exclusive intelligent small program butler, users can check the current speed, driving range and battery margin of the scooter, accurately control the current state of the product, and make the travel planning more reasonable.

In addition to high strength magnesium alloy material, and the application of patent folding technology, according to reliable sources, lenovo electric scooter M2 also adopted the strong power of 350 w, 3 free switch gear, triple brake, triple shock absorption, the key techniques such as can be seen from these core key technology of application of the product function is far more than solve the last mile so simple of travel, use it to a short commute can easily implement.

Smoking gun!The M2, lenovo's electric scooter for smart travel, will hit the market in May

According to the existing information, better material, easier folding and more intelligent are the core highlights of Lenovo's Scooter M2.The price of Lenovo's Scooter M2 is still unknown, but judging from the pricing of many smart ecological products launched by Lenovo in the past, the price of this product should be relatively affordable.According to reliable information, as a key product of Lenovo's layout in the field of intelligent travel, Lenovo scooter M2 is expected to be launched in May, when this product will really unveil its mystery, it is really expected.