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Test: Denver Thor (SCO-85351) electric scooter

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Denver, a Danish company, has been active in electronics for 30 years.Following a number of electric scooters that are illegal in Germany, Denver used Thor models (SCO-85351) in late 2019 to integrate its expertise into the first electric scooters also approved in Germany.The model is priced at the middle and low end, but is expected to have excellent performance on paper.In a detailed test, we'll clarify whether Denver can deliver on those promises.

Design and construction quality

The Denver Thor was put in a big box.It's almost entirely built in.Just screw the two handles into the handlebars and tighten the two screws (bell and brake handle).We were surprised at how little was needed to set it up.The package includes thick instructions in all languages, as well as German, chargers and valve extension rods to easily inflate the tires.

Test: Denver Thor (SCO-85351) electric scooter

The high quality of the process has been evident during the construction process.All welds are clean and there are no burrs or production residues anywhere.Matte black paint has no paint nose or similar defects.The frame structure is also very impressive.

The first thing that caught attention was the extraordinary pedal.Where other manufacturers rely on plastic, it's a wood/fiberglass composite reminiscent of a rough grip on a skateboard.Utility: Tape can no longer be replaced as easily as before.At the beginning, we had some concerns about long-term weather resistance.However, the edges are also sealed, so users can take advantage of IPX4 splash protection.Driving in the rain shouldn't be a problem, but don't leave your motorcycle in the rain for days.

The folding mechanism also looks strong.Simply pull up the chrome safety lever and open the lock cover.The internal cables are well protected.When folded, only the small safety handle makes a slight rattle during transportation.

The legally required lighting system is installed on the outside of the handlebars and behind the pedals.It looks less elegant than integrated lighting, but has the advantage of being able to repair lighting more easily, for example after an accident.The law also requires the side reflector to be elegantly framed in the front fork.The easy-to-read display is integrated into the handlebars.Denver hides all the other cables and trains in the frame - excellent indeed for a scooter in this price range.We noticed one minor drawback: the huge plate holder's millimetre was too narrow to stick to our sticker.However, since this is just the edge, you can easily solve the problem.

Test: Denver Thor (SCO-85351) electric scooter

Operation and treatment

Denver Thor weighs 14kg and, for all his craftsmanship, is still in the middle of a field, lighter than a case of beer (17kg to 18kg).As a result, it can be easily carried or lifted into a car over long distances.Thor has a length of 108cm (from the front wheel to the plate holder) and a width of 48cm (handle to handle, unscrewing), which fits easily into the trunk of a small Peugeot 208.

To do this, there are two rubberized buttons at the bottom of the display.The user can turn the scooter on and off by pressing the left button for a few seconds.Using the right button, it can rotate at three different top speeds (10, 15, and 20 km/h).The color change of the small LED on the display indicates the current selection.This is useful when children use it to reduce maximum speed.However, the scooter does not remember this setting and always starts in 10 km/h after it is turned on, which means it has to be adjusted every time.In addition to driving mode and speed, the display also displays battery power in four steps.

The scooter is accelerated through the right thumb stick.The left thumb lever activates a powerful electric brake in the front wheel.In addition to the electric brake, there is a brake lever for the drum brake in the rear wheel of the right handle.In addition, a foot brake was installed which applied pressure to the rear wheel by applying pressure to the rear fender.To its credit, Denver has installed three low-maintenance braking systems on the Thunder.Some manufacturers rely only on front brakes and rear brakes.Although this is legal, foot brakes may fail in damp conditions.

Test: Denver Thor (SCO-85351) electric scooter

In daily life, some details caught their attention, which greatly increased their comfort.For example, there is a hook on the steering tube under control.Not only does this work in suitcases, it can also be folded into the rear fender and prevent handlebars from twisting.

However, if users don't want to carry their scooters with them every time they go shopping, they can also lock them with a simple bicycle lock.To do this, simply pull the lock over the triangle between the handlebar and the pedal.

Driving behavior

The 8.5-inch pneumatic tyre ensures very quiet driving performance.Despite the absence of suspension, gravel or cobblestones are pleasant to drive on, even on rough roads.The unsuspended solid rubber roller will make the journey here impossible.Driving behavior is closest to that of a very heavy urban bicycle tire.It's worth noting that the larger the tire, the greater the distance from the ground, and therefore the higher the center of gravity.The Denver is 8.5 inches tall and has found a nice middle ground with plenty of ground clearance and a pleasant driving experience.

The Denver Raytheon has a 350 watt motor.For electric scooters priced below €1,000, this is usually the performance ceiling.The front-wheel motor kicks in and accelerates almost silently to a top speed of 20 km/h, even if it generates little forward momentum by stepping on the ground.The user can reject two or three times to support acceleration at any time.350-watt motors are also common on slopes.When you rise by 10% within 100 meters, your speed drops to walking speed.To maintain a higher speed, an additional push is required here.

The three braking systems mentioned above will slow down.All three brakes have a very good balance, but the drum and electronic brakes have the greatest grip, allowing the scooter to stop within a short distance of 2.1 metres in dangerous situations.The outline of the tyres makes it possible to drive on wet roads.

The pedal measures 53 * 16 cm and is comfortable in size, so it can comfortably accommodate a larger foot.The forward bending of the pedals not only looks good, but also helps maintain balance during emergency braking.Rubber mountain bike handles gently absorb vibration and provide good grip even when wet.The only drawback is that the handlebars are not adjustable in height, which can cause very high people to feel uncomfortable in the driving position.

Test: Denver Thor (SCO-85351) electric scooter

Battery and range

Denver designates the Thor to have a maximum range of 25 km/h.For now, this value is determined under laboratory test conditions, and you should never rely on this information.Among manufacturers, the deviation is usually as high as 50%.

The maximum engine power is 350 watts

Battery 36 V 7.5 Ah lithium ion

The scooter weighs 14 kilograms

Expanded dimensions (length/width/height) 117 * 48 * 122 cm

Fold size (length/width/height) 117 * 48 * 48 cm

The maximum load is 120kg

In our test drive, we tried to create as many journeys as possible on different roads and different types of terrain to test realistic images.Here, electric scooters weighing 85 kg travel over asphalt and gravel (about 25 per cent of the trip) with a total height difference of 100 metres, which is spread over several shorter stages.After a total of 16 kilometers, the scooter continued to accelerate, but the speed dropped another 15 kilometers per hour (another kilometer), then slowed to nearly 10 kilometers per hour, and the last battery line began to flash red.So we think the journey is over.Under these difficult conditions, mileage is an absolutely reliable value.Another positive thing is that the engine does not stop suddenly, but slowly reduces power to reach maximum range.After 4 hours of charging using the attached charger, the battery is recharged.It is charged by a two-pin charging connector under the running plate and kept waterless by a simple rubber plug.

Inside the Denver Thor are lithium-ion batteries.It consists of 30 18650 lithium-ion batteries, according to the manufacturer.This type is standardized and easy to use.Do not put your hand on the battery. It is extremely dangerous.However, it can be assumed that even after a few years of use, the battery can be replaced by a professional technician.

If you are looking for a low maintenance and reliable electric scooter, feel free to use the Denver Thor.Especially within its price range, scooters are convincing with excellent manufacturing quality, excellent pedals, excellent braking systems and a pleasant driving experience.With little details like baggage hooks in mind, Denver has come up with an everyday electric scooter that doesn't cause frustration.