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Honda has launched an all-new electric bike for the Asian market

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The reason Why Honda is so popular around the world is probably because they have top-notch quality, fit, surface finish, durability and longevity in their entire range of models.Honda owners can attest to the Japanese manufacturers' quality, from their upgraded performance machines to their compact 100CC electric bikes.Honda's automated, variable-speed electric vehicles are a major part of the personal-travel industry, which spans the entire Asian market.Sharing space with dozens of other manufacturers makes sense in the severely congested urban environments found in many developing countries in Asia.

Honda has launched an all-new electric bike for the Asian markett to keep innovating and offering exciting products in The Asian market, China-based Ouyang-Honda has released a trailer for its latest small-engine electric bike aimed at the Asian market.Especially in China, only two AT scooters are available.That is, the PCX and RX125 are the Japanese giant's only two electric bikes.In other Asian countries, however, Honda's electric bike craze is well over a dozen.

The trailer for Honda's new electric bike, which was initially launched in China, will no doubt leave many questions unanswered.For starters, just show the front panel of the electric bike and do a lot of editing.Which begs the question, is this electric bike going to add to the company's lineup?Or should you replace the outgoing model?Another interesting feature is the slogan: "What's new with x-Treme?""N" and "X" are highlighted in fine type.

Wuyang-honda has yet to release further information about the new electric bike.One thing is for sure, though, that for consumers looking for practical and economical personal transportation, more scooters mean more choices -- and that's definitely a good thing.