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Revel has launched a Shared electric moped in San Francisco

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Revel's Shared electric mopeds are now available in San Francisco, where there are more than 430 mopeds scattered around the city, the company said.Although Revel has faced questions about its security protocols, it has expanded to new American cities this year.

Revel is no stranger in the Bay Area;The company also operates in Berkeley and Oakland.But the scooters available in San Francisco are not the same as those available in other markets like New York.The company says the scooters are custom-designed with new hardware, including a 2,960-watt motor, "designed to help riders navigate through San Francisco's famous hills."

"Designed to help riders cross San Francisco's famous hills."

Revel has launched a Shared electric moped in San Francisco

Mopeds are serviced and rebalanced by full-time employees rather than independent contractors.That means Revel won't be affected by AB5, California's performance worker law, which is putting pressure on big companies like Uber and Lyft.

News of Revel's launch in San Francisco came a month after the company temporarily suspended service in New York City, following the deaths of at least three customers.The company recently restored its service by offering riders new protections, such as mandatory in-app safety testing and a requirement that all riders take selfies of their helmets before wearing them.

In addition to New York City and the Bay Area, Revel operates in Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas.