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TIER Mobility has introduced electric scooters and collapsible helmets for hire by the public

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TIER, a German travel startup, has launched the world's safest and most advanced electric scooter.

Lawrence Leuschner, chief executive of TIER Mobility, said the machine, which was built in China and launched in London, would be rolled out in more than 70 European cities next year.

"This is the first scooter with an indicator light," he said."Most importantly, we offer a helmet solution that enables you to wear a helmet every time you use a scooter."

The collapsible helmet can be stored with the scooter, which also has two separate brakes and has a top speed of 25km/h.TIER is in talks with London authorities to try to test its electric scooters in the British capital.

In July, British officials decided to allow the vehicles to be rented and used on roads, but private vehicles remain illegal.Covid-19 is also helping to spread it as commuters look for alternatives to public transport.

"After Paris and then Berlin, I would say London is the most important market for us," Mr Rausner added."Berlin is our home market, where do we come from...

TIER Mobility has introduced electric scooters and collapsible helmets for hire by the public

We are very excited about the French market."

Now London is going to be the market for us to fight for."

The company hopes its latest move will help promote a broader ecosystem around electric scooters.Shops across the UK will be required to install charging stations so cyclists can charge reusable batteries.

These machines are provided free of charge in exchange for a potential burden on the retailer.

Europe leads the world

Safety around electric scooters remains a major concern.But in recent months, some European governments have loosened their stance on the technology, hoping for tighter regulation.

They include major economies such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.The rest of the world, Mr Leuschner argues, is watching and learning from The development of European industry.

"This is the regulatory sweet spot," says Mr Rausner."Cities are very dense, and everyone wants to move to greener solutions."