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Dott, TIER and Voi are working towards higher standards for electric scooters

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The operator has committed to improve sustainability standards and practices in the manufacture, operation, life termination and life cycle emissions of electric scooters.

European microtransport operators Dott, TIER and Voi have announced their joint commitment to improve sustainability standards and practices in all areas of the electric scooter industry.

These 10 environmental and social commitments, combined, cover the entire life cycle of an electric scooter.The operator has promised:

1.From 2021, at least 20% recycled materials will be used in all new electric scooters.

2.Buy all new electric scooters with replaceable batteries from 2020.

3.No erratic scooter output in any market and a commitment to living wage standards.

4.Responsible growth without street flooding.

Dott, TIER and Voi are working towards higher standards for electric scooters

5.By the end of 2020, all warehouses will be running on green energy.

6.By the end of 2021, only electric vehicles will be used to charge and maintain the fleet.

7.Take measures to mitigate the risk of electric scooters entering waterways and combine resources to recover electric scooters from waterways in our collectively active cities.

8.Do not disassemble the electric scooter and recover parts that cannot be repaired or reused as spare parts.

9.Find a second life solution for all functional electric scooters.

10.Calculate and offset the carbon emissions of the entire life cycle of the electric scooter.

The alliance will appoint an independent body to monitor, assess and report on the progress of all electric scooter commitments.

"Sustainability is at the heart of our industry and the value our services bring.It is important that we are accountable for our practices and abide by the highest standards so that consumers and cities have complete confidence in the industry and the way we operate.We invite all other companies currently operating in Europe to join the campaign and work on these sustainability standards, "said Dott CEO and co-founder Henri Moissinac, TIER CEO and co-founder Lawrence Leuschner, and CEO Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder of Voi.