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COOGHI has developed a new balance bike for children together with LKK, leading the new fashion with fun and competition

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The qualities and abilities that a child exhibits as an adult are directly or indirectly related to physical activity from childhood.Like exercise body coordination and balance of the difficult interests such as swimming, dancing, hurdles, and so on, in fact, most of the time are generated by the conscious cultivation and training since childhood, not "talent" can be hidden.Secondly, sports will exert a subtle influence on shaping one's character, exercising one's will and thinking mode, which also brings some new generation of young parents more thoughts on parenting.On the one hand, parents try their best to let their children increase their knowledge, on the other hand, they also pay attention to the development of their children's health and personality, so that their children not only stay in the level of looking "good", but also pay more attention to the development of their children's competition, courage and personality.

In order to let the children from an early age to accept such exercise and training, the current popular into the domestic market from foreign markets for the premiss of transport such as walkers, twisting, cars, scooters, balanced bike by parents, especially the car is no balance between the two rounds of children cultivate baby movement force become the preferred tool.

COOGHI has developed a new balance bike for children together with LKK, leading the new fashion with fun and competition

What makes a cool, stylish children's balance bike so adorable?

At home and abroad a number of parenting experts watch said through some research, began to learn to walk by children, secure, after choice with the help of a balanced bike instead of walking tool practice ground movements, not only can let the children play in the happy learning exercise in balance and hand-eye coordination, also in the long-term training can improve children's exercise muscle groups, thus facilitating children from body to brain development.In addition to this physical improvement, the balanced bike riding training can effectively improve the child's concentration and willpower, so as to stimulate the child's inner potential. For young children, the balanced bike is an excellent tool for sports and learning.

There is a clear feeling that child balance bikes have only become popular in China on a large scale in recent years.In fact, it has a development history of nearly 30 years abroad, especially suitable for the use of young age (1 to 6 years old) children, basically foreign new families will be equipped with a balance bike for children.

In China, this "little bike without foot and chain", which looks so cool and fashionable, often appears in some children's cycling clubs, professional sports venues, lively sports fields, quiet parks...It has attracted the attention of numerous parents, and more and more parents are willing to share the cool videos of their children riding the balance bike on the social network, which also contributes to the popularity of the balance bike in the public's eyes.

COOGHI has developed a new balance bike for children together with LKK, leading the new fashion with fun and competition

According to the relevant data analysis, points out that new domestic 2019 newborns has more than 1100, 0 to 6 years old low school-age children almost close to the 200 million or so, such a huge premiss demand in the market, has been far to catch up with Europe and the United States, though some of the foreign car brands such as balance KOKUA, CUBHO, spider-like, PUKY development earlier, started relatively late, the domestic COOGHI cool ride as domestic high-end children travel brand, both in terms of the features of the product, quality, and product innovation, design, more able to read children personalized needs in the heart of the world.

As balance bike RACES became popular in the market, many balance bike brands were known to many hardcore parents for organizing RACES.Among them, the brand "COOGHI Cool Ride", which is well known to parents, launched a three-in-one children's scooter that became popular in the celebrity parent-child variety show, which instantly gained numerous fans. They also organized a lot of children's scooter competition games offline, which was well received by parents.This year, during the epidemic period, COOGHI launched a new balance bike suitable for children's professional level competition -- COOGHI Cool Riding S series balance bike for children.

COOGHI S Series Balance bike for Kids -- A must-have for fun childhood

This kind of COOGHI S series children's balance bike with professional competition is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old to ride. It is another masterpiece after a children's scooter on "COOGHI Cool Ride" went viral on the Internet.As the loyal partner of COOGHI, Shenzhen Rococo Design has participated in the product design of many of its explosive products.

COOGHI has developed a new balance bike for children together with LKK, leading the new fashion with fun and competition

Throughout really possess professional tournament competition on the market the balance of the car brand is actually not much, competition level of children's balanced bike appears to be in the new upgrade on the basis of the ordinary, but considering the safety of the event and professionalism, make balance of the car in the size, weight, riding space, tires, cushions, brakes, steering limits, bearing, frame materials, screws and other aspects have more restrictions and higher standard requirements.

From the details, the whole body adopts the arch closed structure design, and forms 25° gold stress radian, comprehensively improving the buffering performance of the balanced bike, reducing the body loss, making the product safety factor higher;Extended wheelbase of 56CM is designed to balance the perfect distance between sports and comfort, which gives children more space for cycling and helps children to play their competitive skills at any time.The one-piece molding process, without welding spot, makes the lines of the car body more smooth. It is matched with two fashionable colors of lemon yellow and victory red, which makes the shape more simple and colorful, fashionable and smart, and fully meets the needs of children's daily cycling and professional events.

In terms of the materials used, the body is generally made of steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, wood and plastic. Magnesium alloy is the alloy with the highest utilization rate of high-end models and enjoys a good reputation for its light weight, high strength and non-rust.COOGHI S series children's balance bike is made of full-body magnesium alloy, which not only has great elasticity and strong impact resistance, but also weighs only 3.9kg and is light and easy to control.

In addition, this type of balanced bike USES inflatable shock absorption tires, with high strength and wear-resistant tire pattern, better grip, even in the complex road can be easily handled, stability and load-bearing, fully ensure the safety of children in the process of riding.

COOGHI has developed a new balance bike for children together with LKK, leading the new fashion with fun and competition

Even in the small seat above, also everywhere highlights the design of skilled craftsman thinking, its seat cushion adopts an integral shape, high elastic seat cushion, perfect fit baby delicate buttocks, so that riding competition more comfortable;The silicone ball of cushion tube perfectly wraps the incision of cushion tube to protect the thigh from scratch and make the fancy competition more assured.Adjustable seat cushion, the baby can adjust the height according to their own height, suitable for 80-120cm children;In addition, the anti-skid silicone cover on the brake handle is not only soft and comfortable in texture to achieve invisible shock absorption, but also can prevent the baby's hand from sliding side, making it easier to grasp the direction.

A competitive class professional balanced bike that looks appealing, feels comfortable to ride, and deserves parents to buy for their kids.Epidemic period, many children in the home self isolation, haven't self exercise and enjoy the pleasure of riding, in each big mall newly listed COOGHI cool, S series of children's balance cycling children fully exercise the body, at home can also be happy and enjoy the ride, familiar outdoor can feel more highly flexible fancy riding together.Let the children win at the starting line, fully stimulate their potential, from the first have a good quality of the balance bike!