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On the performance evaluation of electric scooters, and how to select the high quality scooters in the evaluation?

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It's been less than a year since the craze for large electric scooters began, especially among young people taking them across the city.At the time, many companies wanted to profit from the hype and rushed to bring new models to market.The problem: Many electric scooters are hopelessly expensive, and other scooters are even questionable for safety.Things are different now, with premium electric scooters costing less than €500.

Electric scooters in test: Get ready...

When testing last year, the COMPUTER BILD had to painstakingly twist the confusing kit together before a test drive.Buyers of new scooters are exempt from this: all candidate tests are almost fully assembled, and the COMPUTER BILD can be installed with just a few screws using the attached tools.Everything else - such as reflectors, license plates or lighting - is in place.So ride right away?Not clear: Anyone who leaves a notice of "STVO approval" on the cardboard and takes them to leave immediately commits an offence!Only a pilot who sticks a valid license plate to a license plate holder can legally spray it.Nor does it cost the world anything: from just €19 a year, many insurance companies offer car liability insurance, including the license plate of electric scooters.Note: Insurance companies rarely renew electric pedal license automatically.Sticky plates are valid for one year until the end of February, just like 50 cc scooter or moped plates.After that, the protection fails and must be replaced.

On the performance evaluation of electric scooters, and how to select the high quality scooters in the evaluation?

Electric scooter testing: Ground rules

Rules for driving on electric scooters have not changed since 2019: the minimum age for drivers is 14, and there is no helmet requirement.Electric scooters can only be used on streets or designated bike lanes.Sidewalks and pedestrianisation are taboo.The maximum allowed speed is 20 km/h.In addition, the same alcohol limits apply to both scooter drivers and drivers, including harsh conditions for novice drivers during the trial period - although scooters do not require "rags".Equally important: This is common, but pairs are not allowed on motorcycles.This is for good reason, as two-wheelers are not designed for high weight.

Electric scooters in test: Price and performance

Now for the actual scooter test: the most important criterion for participation is price.Not a scooter costs more than 500 euros!Of course, buyers must cut back on top-tier scooters, such as last year's test champion egret 10 V4.But even at a small cost, there are plenty of possibilities.The cheapest test candidate came from EM2GO.At 259 euros, the FW103-ST is 1,200 euros cheaper than the Egret 10 V4.Even the most expensive model, the Trekstor EG3168, is well below the €450 price tag of the top model.It would be a mistake for anyone expecting a rickety scooter at this speed to have to go to the workshop after exiting.Compared to first-class cabins, the disadvantages can be controlled.Above all, it lacks range, clever transport features, high-quality inflatable tires and adjustable height handlebars.

On the performance evaluation of electric scooters, and how to select the high quality scooters in the evaluation?

Testing of electric scooters: Comfort and safety

The comfort and safety of electric scooters are more important.In tests, the brakes were excellent on all models.The leader was the Denver SCO-85351, with an average braking distance of 1.4m, while the IconBit Ik-1969K was second to last at 2.43m (still good).The tyres on the "cheap scooter" are also convincing.Even the small EM2GO FW103-ST can provide an aerated/solid rubber tyre mixture with a diameter of 20cm, so at least tolerable comfort on asphalt surfaces.The Denver SCO-85351 even has inflated tires up to 23 centimeters in diameter, so it has a self-damping function that was previously reserved for expensive electric scooters.Other candidates use solid rubber tires, which have a special honeycomb structure, so TechnoStar and IconBit provide at least some internal damping.TechnoStar TES 200 E-rich, Trekstor EG3168 and IconBit IK-1969K also have rear suspension that can at least eliminate uneven ground impact.

Test for electric scooters: Top speed

For all the praise for cheap electric scooters, the question must be asked: how do you get ridiculous prices under 500, 400 or even 300 euros?The answer can be found in the frame and rear tyres - the potential for savings is clearly greatest for engines and batteries.Even if the maximum allowed 20 km/h is poor, not all candidates will be able to do it easily.The TechnoStar, IconBit, and Trekstor models are fine.TES 200 E-Rich reached the top speed in 5.4 seconds, while the other two arrived a second later.The Denver scooters, on the other hand, reached top speed after a leisurely 10-second ride.Even slower was the EM2GO, which took 12 seconds to reach its top speed of 18 km/h.

On the performance evaluation of electric scooters, and how to select the high quality scooters in the evaluation?

Electric scooters in test: battery and battery life

If you've reached the socket, the scooter won't cut your figure.In fact, relatively small batteries should be recharged quickly with fresh electricity so that the owners of electric scooters can take a walk after a short coffee break.But far from it.During charging tests, the COMPUTER BILD initially wondered how long a scooter with an empty battery would have to hang from the tank until the energy dispenser was 100 percent full again.The testers then divided the distance by the distance to find out how fast the "refueling" was going a kilometer.Good news: No chargers explode, all scooters charge at some point.Unfortunately, there is no more positive report.The fastest scooter on the charger is the IconBit.Four minutes of energy after 14 is enough for a mile of scooter fun.EM2GO took a similar amount of time.It takes about 18 minutes to use Denver and TechnoStar.The Trektor backpack even hangs from the jar for 26 minutes to pour enough juice into the battery for just 1,000 meters.For comparison: Last year's test winner took just seven minutes per kilometre of charging cable.