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The Royal Enfield Photon electric motorcycle is available at a price of about Rs. 1.9 million

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Many environmentalists (physical and keyboard warriors) are happy that the global car industry is calling electric cars the future of mobility.However, if the world really wants to significantly reduce emissions, an ideal balance between electric and gasoline-hybrid vehicles would be the best solution.The reason is that many countries still rely on coal-fired power plants to generate electricity.So a world of electric cars would only accelerate emissions indirectly.

On the bright side, the push for electric mobility has introduced a number of interesting products.This includes doing similar things on a smaller but equally interesting scale, from our cost-effective TataNexonEV to high-end performance cars such as Porsche's Taycan Turbos.Newtown (Wales) electric classic.

The project is called the Royal Enfield photon, which is essentially a royal Enfield bullet with an electrical system.This is a one-off product, just like most other commissioned Porsche, Land Rover or Volkswagen projects from electric classic cars.Attention to detail seems to be one of the top priorities for an electric car because it doesn't look like a half-naked design.Uber - vintage electric motorbike is finished in a beautiful shade of British racing green with neat gold stripes and glossy black.The sewn leather seats are made of brown.

The Royal Enfield Photon electric motorcycle is available at a price of about Rs. 1.9 million

Purists might argue that it has abandoned its original "royal Enfield charm," but people tend to forget that the current Bullet line USES an ancient architecture - especially in terms of output and displacement ratios.That story may change when the next generation of the 350 comes on the market.

The Royal Enfield photon is coupled by a 12K W(almost 16BHP) hub motor to four 2.5kwh lithium-ion batteries.In order to integrate the power system, the electric-classic car's engineers had to make major changes to the chassis frame of the inventory drop.With any mainstream charging facility, the air-cooled battery pack can be filled from an empty tank in about 90 minutes.It has a real world cycling range of 130 km (claimed).

Although the 16BHP does not impress on paper, the EVS is mainly about the good torque characteristics of zero RPM.Although the photon does not rocket from entry, it has a more pleasant RPM band than its original ICE counterpart.This motorcycle goes at 112 kilometers an hour.

Core Royal Enfield fans will surely miss the bang and NVH associated with bullets, as well as its affordable price tag.Yes, the ordinary Royal Enfield is a much cheaper fare -- about £4,699 (Rs4.45) -- than The £20,000 (just under Rs19) Photon has estimated.