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How to choose the right electric scooter, and what buying mistakes exist?

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The concept of electric scooters has been around for a long time, but it's only been a few years since people actually started using them.Electric scooters are popular among young people because of their simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection. So how can you choose a suitable electric scooters?

At first we need to understand what we really need.For example, if we buy a scooter to travel to work, we should consider the range, speed, shock absorbtion, weight and other parameters according to the distance from home to work and the road conditions.


Portability is one of the reasons why electric scooters attract people to try to buy them. The body is made of aluminum alloy, only 10.9kg. After folding, it can also be dragged, which is easy to carry and can be put into the trunk of a car or other means of transportation.

How to choose the right electric scooter, and what buying mistakes exist?


Many people think that the speed of electric scooters is of course the faster the better, but it is not.

Electric scooter is an electric driving tool, according to national standards and scientific speed limit design, the rated speed of electric scooter should be about 20km/h, less than this speed electric scooter is difficult to play a practical role in driving, more than this speed electric scooter will bring safety risks.High-end electric scooters are generally equipped with non-zero starting device. Non-zero starting design means that you need to walk on the ground with your feet first to make the scooter move, and then press the accelerator to complete the startup.

The design is to prevent the electric scooter novice unable to safely control the speed.

  1. Battery life

Use the two batteries commonly used on the market as a reference.

Lead-acid batteries: Lead-acid batteries are cheaper.However, the life of lead-acid battery is short, and the lead-acid battery in the market is basically made of floating charge battery, which can not carry out rapid charging and large current discharge, and its service life is not very ideal.

Lithium battery: light and environmentally friendly, long life, now mobile phones and laptops are basically using this kind of battery.At the same capacity as a lead-acid battery, the battery is smaller and lighter, reducing the weight of the scooter and extending its life.

How to choose the right electric scooter, and what buying mistakes exist?

More and more teenagers like riding scooters. They ride scooters in parks after work or after dinner. Some also choose scooters as a means of transportation.Scooter is inherited traditional skateboards characteristics of new products, it has the energy saving, portable, environmental protection, the advantages of convenient operation, high speed, can solve the problem of people short-distance travel, but for the first time to buy scooter users, due to the lack of the understanding of the product itself, and large range of scooters tend to make them into some of the pitfalls of choose and buy.

Myth 1: The speed is not fast, the brake does not matter

The scooter is not very fast, but it is still electrically driven and belongs to the motor vehicle.

The electronic brake can automatically cut off the power when braking, and the emergency brake can make the car stop quickly in a physical way. These small details seem insignificant, which may protect your safety in critical moments. You should pay attention to the brake when choosing.

Myth 2: Volume weight is good quality

The volume weight, does not need to represent the quality is good, the quality stand or fall depends on the material.Small in size and light in weight, convenient for users to use on buses and subways.Some electric scooters have folding function, which can be dragged after folding. Attention should also be paid to folding design when purchasing, otherwise the carbon fiber scooters purchased may become idle items, and the bulk weight will become a burden instead.

How to choose the right electric scooter, and what buying mistakes exist?

Myth 3: Shock absorbability doesn't matter

The scooter shock absorbers are designed to give the scooter a better riding experience over bumpy roads.Some scooters are built in front and rear shock absorbtion system, there is no mainly rely on the car tires to shock, air tire shock absorbtion effect is better, solid tire shock absorbtion effect is relatively less than air tires, but the advantage is not puncture.

Myth 4:The faster, the better

Many friends choose carbon fiber scooter, speed as a consideration to buy one of the conditions, think the faster the speed, the better scooter performance.However, as an electric vehicle, the better speed of scooter should be between 18 km/h and 23km/h, because it is difficult to move at a speed lower than this, and it will bring safety risks if the speed is higher than this.

Myth 5: Looks don't matter

The models of scooters are also different. Although some scooters are good-looking in appearance, they may not be practical in actual functions. They are not easy to fold and not suitable for carrying, or the design of body materials and structures is not reasonable.When the proposal is in choose and buy, according to individual be fond of, choose carefully.