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Dott, a provider of electric scooters, is still active in Bonn

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Bonn Dott's electric scooter runs through Bonn in the Corona Era, providing convenience for those who need to stay on the move.The Dutch company also offers special incentives for medical staff and volunteers.

During the corona pandemic in Bonn, the Dutch company Dott's electric scooters remained active for the time being - but with certain safety measures.The company says: "We believe that micro-transport providers are an important part of public transport, and that this infrastructure must be reliable even in times of crisis -" E-scooter supplier Lime has had his service suspended in mid-March because of the corona crisis.

According to Dott, rent concessions provide more opportunities for people affected by the current restrictions on public transportation.The company is in close contact with the city of Bonn in order to adapt the service to the current situation if necessary.

Dott, a provider of electric scooters, is still active in Bonn

Dott offers a special campaign for medical staff (such as hospitals or pharmacies) : "To contribute a little to the crisis, we made our employees so important to all of us in this crisis - free use of scooters," the company wrote in a news release.These facilities can simply contact the provider.Bonn also offers free travel to volunteers who care for the elderly and those in need.The discount also applies to the city of Cologne.

Dot has also reduced the number of scooters.There are now 750 suppliers of electric scooters in the city, up from 800 a few weeks ago.

Customers should wear gloves when borrowing and, according to the information in the warehouse, pay attention to proper hygiene and safety measures: therefore, all vehicles should be regularly disinfected and all employees should wear gloves.During the day, they go out on the streets to clean and disinfect the scooters.Customers should also wear gloves and wash their hands after borrowing, Mr. Dot said.