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Audi makes electric bikes that tell us about the future of bicycles

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The electric bike you are looking for is called Worthersee and USES car drive technology in its construction.Right away, you can tell this isn't the type of bike you just took out on a Saturday cruise.This is the type of beast you take to deal with those new footprints that were discovered last week.When you bomb the 150-yard hill, those with a sense of jump and speed, although you may need to test the last point first.

Keep in mind that you may already have seen something similar in audis, namely e-tron MTB.However, the only similarity is the shape and function of the frame.Everything else is an upgrade.

The idea behind this bike is to serve as a bridge between today's and tomorrow's traffic.Smooth, light, flexible and electric were just the focus of the team.With this in mind, Audi began to use the latest technology and construction materials.

Worthersee concept

There is nothing you can do about the tyres, so we will skip these.But the rest of the bike is absolutely breathtaking.Let's start with the framework.If you get a sense of carbon fiber out of it, that would be right.The whole frame consists of a reinforced carbon fiber polymer.Apart from the electrical system, the entire bike (not just the frame) weighs just 24 pounds (11 kilograms).

The same carbon fiber is used throughout the rear swing arm, the handlebars and even the seat.But the wheel is where Worthersee's carbon fiber really comes in.The team specially designed each part for the bikes, without even pedals, but the wheels with carbon fiber struts give an almost floating and futuristic feel.Each wheel weighs just 600 grams, or 1.32 pounds.

Audi makes electric bikes that tell us about the future of bicycles

Due to the exposed chain on the side, it still has the classic bike feel and function.The chain is powered by a 2.3kW 48V electric motor, with a top speed of 50 MPH (80 KPH) and a maximum range of 44 miles (70 km).

The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.The 230V power will recharge it in two and a half hours, but if you don't have that much time, you can turn off the battery pack along with another fully charged one.

Worthersee concept

But if so, why pedal at all?Okay, guys, let's not slack off here.It's a bike, after all, and offers that possibility.There are five different riding modes to choose from, some aided by electric motors, some not at all, so leave the pedals there.

One of the cool things I found about this model was the ability to lift or lift the seat to provide support for the rider.

However, its function is to maintain a low cycling ability during cycling, which is the first choice for mountain cyclists.

The huge front fork is big enough to be hit.Like this, when this bike made its debut, it was tested by athletes like Julien Dupont, just to make sure it reached its limit.Guess what? It passed it.

Of course, the rear shock absorber doesn't look so technologically advanced, but if it works well for your needs, then how couldn’t there be a a good thing?