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Do electric scooter users need a driver’s license?

pxidw 2020-08-22 343 times

Essex police said scooter owners would need a driving licence and valid insurance to avoid fines.

Essex Police Tendring explained on his social media site that using the scooters on public roads required insurance and a valid driving licence.

Not having these may result in your license being fined and fined.

Do electric scooter users need a driver's license?

A spokesman for Essex Police Tendring said: "The Road Traffic Act also provides officers with powers as a motor vehicle to commit offences such as drugs and drink driving.

"All of these may affect your driving licence or your desire to obtain a driving licence in the future.

"As with any motor vehicle, you are not allowed to ride/drive on pavements, pavements, parks and many open spaces, which may be considered anti-social behaviour."