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Electric-car sharing company Zypp has teamed up with Spencer’s Retail to offer last-mile delivery services

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Electric vehicle sharing company Zypp (formerly Mobycy) said it is working with Spencer's Retail to deploy its fleet to the last mile delivery points of Gurugram and NCR

The company said in a statement that it will soon expand nationwide.

In addition to training employees in accordance with standard recommendations, Zypp also ensures that bikes are completely clean and cleaned, it said.

Electric-car sharing company Zypp has teamed up with Spencer's Retail to offer last-mile delivery services

"In the wake of the COR-19 outbreak and the global pandemic in Zypp, we are determined to ensure that people have safe access to basic utilities provided on their doorstep.To this end, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Spencer's Retail nationwide and deploy our fleet of electric vehicles to deliver the services required by branded customers delivering groceries and necessities, "said co-founder Akash Gupta, Chip

In order to bring electric vehicle solutions to mainstream adoption, Zypp has been working with e-commerce players and online stores.Its electric cars can be customized to best suit different types of orders, such as food packaging, parcels and flowers.