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Why do sports electric scooters use midrange motors?

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From the soul to ask a sports electric motorcycle why to use the middle motor?

There are mainly two kinds of electric motor, one is the middle motor, the other is the hub motor.

Why do sports electric scooters use midrange motors?

As the name implies, the central motor is to install the motor in the middle of the vehicle, and the hub motor is to install the motor in the flower drum barrel of the wheel.

The two kinds of electricity are often compared

So what's the difference between the two?

Different one: Drive way is different

Hub motor is usually installed inside the flower drum barrel of the rear wheel, and the coil is directly installed inside the wheel. After being energized, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, thus driving the rear wheel to rotate and drive the vehicle forward.Simple but effective.

And the middle motor usually drives the rear wheel drive through the chain or gear transmission, so as to drive the whole vehicle forward. Under normal circumstances, the middle motor with the same power can amplify the output torque with the help of the mechanical structure.

Why do sports electric scooters use midrange motors?

Different two: heat dissipation efficiency is different

Hub motors because it is directly installed on the wheel, the motor in the process of running the inevitable will produce some heat, due to tire package outside, wait until the temperature rises to a certain extent, motor continue running again will "slow", also is to speed up, so the wheel hub motor electric motorcycle is not usually high speed for too long, nor is it suitable for long distance running.

Because the motor is separated from the wheel, the outer layer of the motor does not have tires, can greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the motor, so, even if the high speed and long journey, will not easily fall speed.Different three: vehicle center of gravity is different.

Why do sports electric scooters use midrange motors?

Due to the installation position of the hub motor, the rear shock absorber bears more pressure during running, and frequent vibration is not good for the motor, too strong vibration will also cause damage to the motor.To increase the power of hub motor, the vehicle material and rocker arm requirements are higher.

The center of gravity of the middle motor is in the middle of the vehicle. As the motor does not contact the ground directly, there is a shock absorbing drive to the motor during the vibration. Therefore, the middle motor has good handling and stability in the bumpy road section.

Why do sports electric scooters use midrange motors?

By contrast, the seemingly perfect middle motor is not without its drawbacks, and its biggest drawback is, of course, its "cost".In low-speed commuting state, hub motor electric vehicles are more suitable and more cost-effective.Middle motor electric vehicle is born for sports, after all, from the performance of the whole vehicle to the structure, is almost the existence of a motorcycle, its speed and sense of driving are close to the motorcycle.