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Lime Scooter Service celebrates its first year in Norfolk to talk about coVID-19 safety

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It has been more than a year since the Lime scooter arrived in Norfolk, and new data are now available on how many miles Norfolk riders have ridden.

In Lime's first year of operation, participants took them nearly 600,000 miles.

Norfolk welcomed scooters as early as June 2019, and since then the city has amassed more than 1,000 electric scooters.

Amy Inman, the company's transportation director, said they had to ask for an increase after seeing how far they could be used.

"Lime started with 500, we built in performance metrics, so if we get that many rides per scooter per day, Lime can ask for a larger fleet.I think they first asked for 700, then 900, and now we have 1,100 scooters.So it seems like a good number for Norfolk."She said.

Lime Scooter Service celebrates its first year in Norfolk to talk about coVID-19 safety

Robert Gardner, the company's director of government relations, said sanitation measures had increased significantly as a result of the pandemic.

"Every time a scooter puts down a certain amount of battery, it brings it into our warehouse," he said."They are brought in by our warehouse or contract staff.The vehicles are then cleaned and thoroughly inspected."

Lime disinfect all surfaces and leave scooters visibly wet for five minutes while they air-dry.Of course, the main areas of focus are frequently touched components such as handles, snap pieces and throttles.

At the moment, the best place to park scooters is on one side of the pavement, with at least three feet of headroom for people to walk.

Inman said the city plans to install designated areas to make it easier for people to get out and onto scooters quickly.

"We are developing a scooter parking program for the city, where we will provide scooter parking, so we can start removing them from the sidewalks," Inman said.