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Pure has just launched another electric scooter, the company’s cheapest yet

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Just a few months after launching its Pure Air Pro electric scooter, Pure finished packaging its latest two-wheeled motor: the Pure Air.

Pure Air is basically Pro's 'standard model' at the top of the product line.As a result, it is cheaper, selling for 399 pounds compared with the Pro's 679 pounds, and has been slightly reduced in some areas to match the lower price.

Pure Air features and specifications

It has a top speed of 25 MPH or 15.5 MPH and a range of 30 km or 18 miles.The range is a bit lower than the Pro model, but it's enough to get you to or from work, depending on your commute time.The motor power is 250W, down from 350W in the Pro, another small downgrade.

Pure has just launched another electric scooter, the company's cheapest yet

Like the Pro, the scooter also has plenty of lighting, so it's safe to ride at night, and it has an IP65 protection class, inflatable tires and manually replaceable parts.What we like about the Pro is that it looks solid and reliable, as it does here.

The Pure Air's design differs from the Pro model in that the touch screen is centered on the handlebars rather than right-aligned, and looks more seamlessly suited to scooters.In testing the scooter, we had to see if it was easier or harder to use.

Like most electric scooters, the Pure Air can be folded -- at 16.5kg, it's hardly light, but it's about 0.5kg lighter than the Pro.

Finally, like the Pro, the Pure Air apparently takes 4.5 hours to recharge.Since most scooters take about eight hours to fully charge, this seems very fast.

After a full audit, we will have to test all of these features in Pure Air - stay tuned.