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Lenovo’s M2 scooter is about to release a magnesium alloy folding that will be more durable

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Recently, Lenovo official microblog "wisdom Association" released a news that Lenovo scooter M2 will be launched soon.As soon as the news came out, it caused a heated discussion among netizens, who expressed their curiosity and expectation for lenovo to launch this electric scooter.As a representative of China's "intelligent manufacturing" and China's innovation, Lenovo has made brilliant achievements in the field of PC. Meanwhile, in recent years, it has also continuously completed the transformation and layout of intelligent ecology, and created many excellent products.

Lenovo's move into the field of intelligent travel at the moment is undoubtedly an expansion of its own intelligent ecological scene, and also brings more choices to users, which may have an impact on the whole industry, and it is also possible to rewrite the industry pattern.

Crowded buses and subways and riding shared bikes have become the daily commuting habits of urban white-collar workers. However, the uneven quality of crowded buses and subways and Shared bikes make busy urban commuters miserable. Lenovo's Electric scooter M2 is born to solve this painful and difficult problem for urban white-collar workers.Compared with products of other brands, Lenovo scooter M2 has many characteristics, such as better material, easier folding and more intelligent.

Lenovo's M2 scooter is about to release a magnesium alloy folding that will be more durable

When talking about smart scooter, we first think of convenience and safety, while the design and construction of folding parts are directly related to the folding and cycling experience of the product.The folding device of Lenovo intelligent scooter M2 is widely used in the magnesium alloy material of aerospace, automobile and military fields. [ZZG1] compared with the aluminum alloy folding device of rival products, it has a stronger impact resistance, which further ensures the safety of users.At the same time, different from the traditional folding device design of similar products on the market, in order to reduce wear during use and enhance the stability and portability of the vehicle, the folding device of Lenovo scooter M2 innovates and USES the patented flat gear locking folding device technology.The patented technology not only better fixed the body, improve the handling of the smart scooter, but also easier to fold compared with competing products.In addition, the intelligent technology also makes The Lenovo Scooter M2 have a better experience than similar products on the market. Users can lock the car, change gear, view information and other functions through the intelligent small program butler, so as to obtain intelligent use experience and more convenient application.

Compared with similar products on the market, the application of magnesium alloy, patent folding technology and intelligent control all make the Lenovo Scooter M2 more durable, easier to use and better to use.The launch of this product by Lenovo into the field of intelligent transportation is bound to intensify industry competition, and Lenovo's scooter M2's many hard nuclear technologies will also make the overall quality of the smart scooter industry develop towards a better direction.The intensification of competition will lead to the innovation of product technology and further decrease of price, and the ultimate beneficiaries will be our consumers.

Lenovo's M2 scooter is about to release a magnesium alloy folding that will be more durable

In addition to the above innovative technology applications, Lenovo electric scooter M2 can also provide 350W strong power, free switch of 3 gears, triple brake, triple shock absorption and so on, making the use of the product more comfortable and safer.In addition, the 30km ultra-long endurance can not only solve the last kilometer of the journey, but also direct short-distance commuting, with more diverse use scenarios.

The reason why Lenovo is able to integrate many functional highlights into the Lenovo Scooter M2 and stimulate the development of the industry is closely related to the innovation and creativity that Lenovo has accumulated over the years.As a household brand, Lenovo has excellent hardware production capacity, at the same time for the control of product quality excellent, the product of the gene patent folding machine is Lenovo innovation, the application of super strength of magnesium alloy material is Lenovo integrate their supply capacity, highly experienced hardware reserves the final result of the advantages, coupled with the intention of Lenovo in user experience, finally has produced Lenovo scooter M2 this product.

Lenovo official micro blog announced that Lenovo scooter M2 is going to be listed, in addition to the above features of these products, what will be the surprise?How will the price be positioned?

All this will be revealed when the Lenovo Scooter M2 officially hits the market.Lenovo's efforts in the field of intelligent travel not only inject fresh blood into the development of the industry through technological innovation and product creation, but also an important measure to further improve the layout of lenovo's intelligent ecological field based on the concept of intelligent life.We can see Lenovo's insight into the industry and its concern for users in both the strong brand PC field and the rapidly developing intelligent ecology field.