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In Israel, the price of electric scooters has risen because of rising demand

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Since the lockdown period ended, Lime and Bird have reported an increase in the use of public transport as people increasingly prefer to avoid it.

Rental use of electric scooters in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities has risen sharply since the end of the COVID-19 blockade, as people want to avoid crowded public transport.Use of electric scooters was 158% higher in June than before the coronavirus outbreak, Mr. Winder said, and Mr. Byrd reports that the average trip is now 20% longer.

But as demand has increased, the pricing system has changed.When Bird, Lime and Wind started operations in Tel Aviv in 2018 and 2019, all three companies charged the same fee - NIS 5 for scooter rental and 0.50 NIS per minute thereafter.

In Israel, the price of electric scooters has risen because of rising demand

The Wind raises the cost of cycling to between Nis 0.85 and nis 1 per minute, but no longer charges nis 5 to unlock scooters, making short trips cheaper and longer ones more expensive.The Wind charges the NIS 20 per hour and the NIS 40 during the day.

Lime still charges the NIS 5 to unlock the scooter, and depending on the area.The Lime is somewhere between NIS 0.45 and NIS 0.60 per minute.Lime charged NIS 25 a day to rent a scooter, provided NIS 20 with a seven-day service pack and NIS 60 with a 30-day service pack, thereby waiving the NIS 5 unlocking fee for users.

Bird still charges 5 shekels to unlock the scooter, and 0.55 shekels per minute.Byrd also offers loyalty deals - silver (3 times per week), Gold (5 times per week) and Premium (7 times per week) with 5%, 20% and 30% discounts respectively.

From October 15, companies will be required by law to equip their scooters with helmets.