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Why do electric scooters apply for CE certification? What are the benefits?

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CE certification provides unified technical specifications for the trade of products from different countries in the European market and simplifies the trade procedures.Any country's products to enter the European Union, the European Free Trade Area must be CE certification, the product on the CE mark.Therefore, CE certification is a passport for products to enter the European Union and the European Free Trade Zone.

CE certification indicates that the product has met the safety requirements stipulated in the EU directive;It is a promise made by enterprises to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in products.Products bearing the CE mark will reduce the risk of being sold on the European market.

Why do electric scooters apply for CE certification? What are the benefits?

These risks include:

The risk of being detained and investigated by the customs;

The risk of being investigated and punished by the market supervision institution;

The risk of being sued by a peer for competitive purposes.

The benefits of applying CE certification for electric scooters

1.The EU's laws, regulations and coordination standards are not only numerous, but also very complex, so it is wise to obtain the help of designated institutions of the EU to save time, effort and reduce risks;

2.Can gain the trust of consumers and market supervision institutions to a large extent;

3.Can effectively prevent the emergence of irresponsible allegations;

The purpose of CE certification test for electric scooter: To check whether the equipment under test meets EMC emission requirements.